Advanced Guitar Lessons

Advanced Guitar Lessons. TypesIntermediate / Advanced Guitar Lessons

Students that seek to complete further training can opt for the electives outlined below.

Electives last 10 weeks, 10 one hour classes. They are offered both in group or private instruction.

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General objectives:
The guitar student, upon completion of any module or elective, will learn to play the guitar in contemporary styles of music creating artistic expression as a soloist, accompanist and composer.



  1. Guitar for Absolute Beginners
  2. Guitar for the Near Beginner
  3. Intermediate Beginner
  4. Accomplished Beginner

Intermediate Electives 

    1. Basic Improvisation and Blues
    2. Guitar Chords Basic
    3. Guitar Scales Basic
    4. Rock Guitar Basic
    5. Jazz Guitar Basic

Advanced Guitar Lessons (Electives )

  1. Advanced Improvisation. Creating your own voice as an improviser
  2. Guitar Chords Advanced
  3. Rock Guitar Advanced
  4. Jazz Guitar Advanced
  5. Guitar Scales Advanced
  6.  How to create Funk and R&B Grooves



  • Flamenco
  • Jazz
  • Blues

Intermediate , advanced guitar lessons and more.

As students advance in their guitar performance skills they learn to further understand the language of music and use it to convey emotions. The objective of all musicians is self expression. Creativity should be a constant goal in our playing. Self expression should be targeted towards feeling good with ourselves.

I believe we feel best when we share our music with others in a manner where the listener engages in our playing. We study music and guitar to master knowledge of musical theory, techniques and styles. How we study is crucial for our inner well being.













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