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Advanced Guitar Lessons

Advanced Guitar Lessons

Advanced Guitar Lessons. Types

Intermediate – Advanced Guitar Lessons

At the Creative Guitar School I offer 6  levels of learning. I would recommend all students to complete the following levels.


Artistic Guitar

However, after students have completed level 1 and 2, they may wish to specialise in the following styles of playing. But, please note that I only offer the following guitar courses and curriculum in one to one lessons or private guitar lessons.

Learn by style


For all those who cannot attend my in class courses, I offer also a series of guitar masterclasses in the styles of:

  • Flamenco
  • Jazz
  • Blues

The masterclasses are two hour seminars where I explain and demonstrate specific topics. Students acquire the knowledge and learn how to turn that knowledge into musical skills.

Online Guitar Courses

I have also a specific set of online courses designed for students who wish to apply advanced arranging skills to their playing, composing and music production. Please visit my Online Guitar School. 

Intermediate, advanced guitar lessons and more.

As students advance in their guitar performance skills, they learn to further understand the language of music and use it to convey emotions. The objective of all musicians is self expression. Creativity should be a constant goal in our playing. Self expression should be targeted towards feeling good with ourselves.

I believe we feel best when we share our music with others in a manner where the listener engages in our playing. We study music and guitar to master the knowledge of musical theory, techniques and styles but we must also direct our study to choose how we convey our emotions in our playing.

Thomas Lorenzo

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