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Wollongong Guitar Lessons -Courses

Wellbeing & Self Expression

Enjoy our contemporary structured learning, focus on your creative talent, and experience the joy of  playing on the guitar the songs you love.

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Applied Aural Learning

After completing level 2 you will be able to figure out on your own the  melody and chords of any simple song and perform it in a group and play a solo.


Structured Learning

To guide you effectively in your goals through 6 levels of learning.


Hear and Play

Learn music aurally then learn to read and write. It is much more fun and quicker.


Group Lessons

Music is about playing with others. Learn in groups of 4 and have even more fun.



We all perform every 10 weeks. It’s time to spend some beats and bars together.

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Meet Your Teacher Thomas Lorenzo

I am excited to share with you my knowledge and experience. I am a recording artist with over 35 albums, a Berklee College of Music Graduate, teacher, composer and author of one of the leading text books on Arranging and Orchestration in the Spanish Language: “El Arreglo , Un Puzzle de Expresión Musical”.

I have dedicated my life to learning how to be creative and explore my full potential as a musician and guitarist. I wish to share with you a practical quicker pathway to achieve your goals that simplifies the learning process by focusing on the final self expression which is what music is all about.

I want you to have fun so you can spend the rest of your life with music, as a pathway to feel good about yourself and others.

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Choose your Guitar Styles. Learn to Improvise and Compose.

Flamenco Guitar
Classical Music
Jazz Guitar
Blues Guitar
Creative Guitar School Wollongong

Student Highlights

Kim & Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Macaco/ Grammy Nominee

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Creative Guitar School
Wollongong Guitar Lessons and Courses

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