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Level 2 Hear and Play - From Basics to Band Brilliance

Discover the magic of making music by ear! Enroll now in our transformative course, ‘From Basics to Band Brilliance.’ Master melodies, groove in a band, and improvise like a pro – all without sheet music. Elevate your musical journey today!

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Intermediate Guitar Course

Discover Melodic Magic

Master tunes, groove in a band, and embrace melody with ease.Sharpen your ears, craft melodies, and explore jazz, pop, flamenco, and more. Classical musicians, improvise without sheet music – follow your musical intuition.


10 Week Courses


Reduced Groups

Maximum group size is of 4 students


Showcasing Talent

Guitar groups perform every 10 weeks

A 10-Week Journey to Musical Excellence in a Band

After mastering the fundamentals, you’ll embark on the next phase of your musical journey. By the course’s end, you’ll effortlessly play beloved tunes, embrace the melody, perform simple solos, and groove harmoniously within a band – relying solely on your ear and memory.

With enhanced auditory acuity, you’ll discern the key, understand the structure, and grasp the chords. You’ll also learn the art of crafting melodies, memorizing them, and infusing your own flair into the groove and lead as you progress.

Theses intermediate guitar lessons and course are also available on line.

Intermediate guitar lessons

Explore Contemporary Genres & Embrace Improvisation!

This stage marks the initiation into playing alongside fellow musicians, an enjoyable aspect of contemporary music. Jazz, pop, flamenco, and various other genres, encompassing over 90% of all music, will become your playground.

Classical musicians keen on exploring improvisation will find this course particularly valuable. No sheet music required – aural training will empower you to intuitively discern the melody and accompaniment, fine-tuning your musical perception.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to elevate your musical journey. Enrol now in level 2 Hear and Play intermediate guitar lessons and embark on an exhilarating guitar adventure.

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