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Unleash your guitar skills with a fresh approach! From beginners to advanced improvisation, our unique courses cater to all levels. Specialized classes for aspiring songwriters focus on applied arranging skills. Join us to unlock your musical potential and create captivating melodies on the guitar.

What level are you at?

Next Sydney Guitar Courses
Next Guitar Courses - Lessons

CGS Sydney Guitar Courses – Lessons

South Sydney Uniting Church Hall
56a Raglan Street, 2017, Waterloo, NSW, Australia

Beginners Guitar 1    

Level 1: Tuesdays 6 pm, starts April 23, 2 spots left

Beginners Guitar 2

Level 2: Tuesdays 7pm, starts April 23, 2 spots left

Intermediate Guitar

Level 3: Thursdays 8 pm, starts April 25, 1 spot left

The Latin Music Ensemble

One spot left for percussion, violin, male vocal starting April 27, 10  am

Choose Your Ideal Option

Tailor Your Guitar Learning Journey

Private Guitar Courses
  • 10 week courses
  • Consistent 1-Hour Weekly Lesson on a Fixed Day
  • Access to Creative Online Academy
  • Opportunity to Participate in School Concerts
Online Guitar Courses
from $315
  • 10 week online guitar courses
  • Consistent 1-Hour Weekly Lesson on a Fixed Day
  • Always with a teacher
  • Opportunity to Participate in School Concerts
  • Synchronous classes
  • Group Forums for 24 support


The hourly rate for guitar lessons is $120. The discounted rate is available for advanced payment and applies to the 10-week duration of the course.

Classes cannot be rescheduled or canceled. The price for a private lesson is $120. A discount rate is available for weekly classes


How do I apply for a course?

Please book your free assessment to determine your level and find the appropriate course for your learning needs

What happens if I cannot make a class?

All guitar courses follow a structured curriculum that is also available online. I have created online materials to aid in remembering everything taught in class, as it can be challenging to retain all the information. These online courses will help you stay on track with quizzes and group exercises

How long do the guitar courses last?

Our guitar courses have a duration of 10 weeks, providing you with ample time to delve into the material. Each guitar class spans 55 minutes, allowing for focused learning sessions. To ensure effective mastery of the taught guitar skills, we recommend dedicating a minimum of 20 minutes per day to studying and practicing outside of class. This consistent effort will greatly contribute to your progress and overall guitar learning experience

What is the purpose of the interview?

The interview serves as an essential step for all guitar students, as it helps us understand your musical abilities and preferences. During the interview, you will be asked to perform a song of your choice, allowing us to assess your skills firsthand. If you are a beginner and uncertain about which song to play, there’s no need to worry. In such cases, I will ask you a few questions to better understand your coordination, hearing, and rhythm abilities.

To ensure a tailored learning experience, we categorize guitar students into two groups based on their preferred learning style. One group consists of those who learn better through auditory methods, while the other group comprises individuals who excel with visual learning techniques. This differentiation enables us to provide targeted instruction that aligns with your learning preferences, maximizing your progress and enjoyment throughout the guitar course.”

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