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Reviews Melbourne School of music

“It is very nice to be part of a school where you feel welcomed. Thomas helped me learn the guitar and remember why I love music.”

Maria Henderson, Sydney.


Reviews Creative Guitar School“The guitar is now my obsession in life, the classes were rewarding and enjoyable. Environment is relaxing and everyone I met is awesome. “

Carloline Semensky, St Kilda.


Reviews Melbourne Guiatr lessons“Even though I started from scratch by week 7 my friends asked me to play them a song . They were impressed! I was impressed! I was not playing fancy stuff but Thomas taught me how to do it in real good time and with clear articulation making music happen all the way through.”

Adam Higgins, Melbourne.


testi3“Great guitar school! I was looking for a place to take group classes and this place is awesome. I’m on my third session of the 10 classes and I’ve definitely learned a lot. I totally recommend it.”

Sarah Ramsey, Melbourne.



testi1“I’m an absolute beginner and getting started can be a challenging and frustrating experience . Thomas knows how to teach and how to get the best or worst out of you. His humble but insistent style has kept me making constant progress. He makes you learn and participates in the process. ”

Henry J Felch, Fitzroy


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