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Creative Guitar Level 3

Level 3

The student upon completion will be able to:


  • Sight read in positions 1, 2 and 3.
  • Read rhythms and melody from Paul Hindemith: Pages 20 to 30.
  • Perform Berklee Modern Method for guitar: Pages 1- 50.


Using number notations compose a:

  • 32 bar composition with seventh chords and modal interchange.
  • 32 bar modal composition, to choose from major scales modes.


  • Transcribe a harmonic structure of a chosen song, with modal interchange.( seventh chords)
  • Transcribe and memorise a 16 bar improvisation.


Play all major and minor arpeggios, in two octaves and in 6 positions.


Play all major scales, in all keys with patterns:3, 4, 5.


Play all 7th chords derived from CAGED system.

Solo piece

Play solo guitar piece of their choice.

Ensemble Work

Perform two songs to choose from the following styles: Jazz, Rock, Blues, Folk, Latin Flamenco ( developing melody and accompaniment ).


Create melodic variations using dynamics, articulation, register and adding notes .

Improvise with chord tone soloing targeting:

  • Chordal notes
  • Guide tone lines
  • Embellishment with short and long notes.


Full chords strummed or comped, defining groove, creating tension and release by:

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