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Melbourne Electric Guitar Lessons

Electric Guitar Lessons

Would you like to play like them?

These electric guitarists have all achieved their unique sound and personal expression and we look up to them because of their individuality.

How can be develop our uniqueness?

The knowledge of music is accessible to all of us. What makes all these famous artists special are the choices they make. They all choose to play in a manner because of a reason. They all choose to play what they feel sounds best to reflect the music they have in their minds. 

Learn the language and master the expression

Your objective in all your electric guitar lessons must be to understand aurally the knowledge of the language of music and then quickly learn to master it to reflect your feeling or emotion.

I strongly recommend to learn from the masters, to learn how they apply the language of  music. The best way to learn is to memorise specifics of what they do. This means to copy their language to understand prior to actually creating your own. 

It is very wise to analyse how they play songs, chords, melodies, solos, rhythm, how they create killer grooves, how they rock the house. Let’s learn from the best and use our judgement to choose what we like and what works for us.

Take a look at the guitar courses, lessons and guitar masterclasses I offer and the knowledge of such I can share with you my guitar lessons.

Private or group guitar lessons

At the Creative Guitar School I provide lessons privately or in groups, in all styles, including jazz, blues, rock, funk, finger style, classical, world music. The type of guitar you can use will be that of your choice. 

The guitar is a versatile instrument and offers us the opportunity to work in a variety of situations, therefore I encourage exploring all timbres, types and styles of music so as to move forward in your playing and lifelong study.

What is the difference between electric guitar lessons and acoustic guitar lessons

I believe a student should play both. The main difference is the timbre of the instrument which is the way the instrument talks.

The electric guitar can be more lyrical than the acoustic. The electric guitar can produce a larger variety of timbres than the acoustic.

The acoustic guitar can sound richer in harmonics than the electric. This is a subjective value which we generally identified with a warm wooden sound.

I love to play the guitar based upon how the instrument talks. The acoustic guitar asks to be played in a specific manner and the electric in another. In summary a total world of fun.

Call me

Please call to have a discussion about what I can help you achieve. Maybe you are unsure about what you would like to achieve. That’s just fine, as I would love to hear from you 0448348701. Call now or drop me an email

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Thomas Lorenzo

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