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Jazz Guitar Lessons“I was deep in the zone of practicing almost constantly”Pat Metheny

Jazz Guitar Lessons and more: Creating your own voice as an improviser

We will develop the course content outlined below with the objective of exposing the guitar student to a large array of resources that will allow him or her the maximum potential as an improviser

We will also analyze, transcribe and play solos from masters such as Jim Hall, John Scofield, Bill Frisell, Pat Metheny, George Benson, Joe Satriani, Steve Via.

This is the outline of all the jazz guitar lessons and courses I offer in 2 levels of learning. 

Jazz Course OutlineJazz Guitar lessons. Inner Voice

  • Song melodies
  • Modify phrase lengths
  • Add or reduce rhythmic density
  • Play in time versus stretching or delaying
  • Melodic and rhythmic embellishment
  • Playing non harmonic melody notes
  • Playing guide tone lines
  • Embellishing guide tones lines
  • Dynamics
  • Scale patterns
  • Chord tone soloing
  • Motive soloing
  • Lower structure triads
  • Motive development
  • Rhythmic displacement
  • Upper structure triads
  • Pentatonic scales
  • Over the bar phrasing
  • Expanding and or contracting chord duration
  • Non harmonic triads
  • Non harmonic major scales
  • Chromatic scale

What is Jazz Guitar?

Jazz maybe be considered a style or a form of expression. I personally consider jazz as a creative form of expression based upon improvisation applicable to all styles of music.  Improvisation is a craft that allows us to vary the musical content as it seems fit in relation to the context and the audience. Music there for can become a dialogue where interaction and creativity is the constant  heartbeat of our playing. 

What do you need to know to improvise in Jazz?

  • To master what you need to know to improvise and play jazz the way you would like to
  • To identify your weaknesses and strengths so as to develop what your naturally good at
  • To choose your path of learning to achieve your goals in the shortest period of time
  • To learn what goes through the mind of your top world jazz artists when they play and how you can do the same from the start
  • To learn how to turn the whole interpretation of a jazz song into an unforgettable new song
  • To learn how to tell a story with your improvisation and never run out of ideas of what to do

What specific knowledge will be presented to all jazz guitar students

Jazz 1

  1. How to memorise a chart and why
  2. What are the minimum chords and scales required to know all over the fingerboard and why.
  3. How to practice scales and why
  4. How to reach a climax in your playing and why
  5. How to play chords and define them in your unique manner
  6. How to identify what is your unique timbre , how to develop it and why
  7. How to be creative and why
  8. How to transcribe a solo and why

Jazz 2

  1. How to sound contemporary versus classical in your playing and why
  2. Lyrical soloing versus chord soloing and why
  3. Chordal soling versus non chordal soloing and why
  4. Pentatonic soloing over chord progressions and why
  5. How to add the blues touch to a jazz standard
  6. How to alter the harmony of the existing composition and why
  7. How to harmonise a melody with chords
  8. Stretching time and playing behind the time

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