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Is uniqueness a choice or a consequence?

Most musician spend their lives imitating others.

Do you think Santana can imitate? Maybe he is special because he cannot imitate.

Traditional educational focuses on playing music the way other people play. It also focuses on playing music that other people have composed to express themselves hopefully to feel good about themselves.

My Creative Guitar School offers structured guidance to those guitarists who wish to explore their natural talent, their uniqueness and creativity in order to shine and feel good about life.

How is this done in practice?

Students have to consciously become aware of the individual items that, when put together, create the final musical expression.

For example: My students do not only learn a pentatonic scale, they also learn how to tell a story with a series of notes that create ambiguity that do not define chordal motion.

Therefore they learn to choose to use this scale if they ever need to recreate the feeling of ambiguity.

Music theory is information available to everyone. How we use that knowledge on the guitar in a unique manner requires guidance and expertise.

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I structure my lessons as 10 week courses, in 10 consecutive hours to achieve different levels of proficiency. All these levels have the common outcome: to shine through uniqueness and creativity.



testi1I’m an absolute beginner and getting started was a challenging experience . Thomas was in sync with my needs getting the best  out of me. His humble but insistent style kept me making constant progress. He makes you learn and also participates actively in the process. ”

Henry J Felch, Fitzroy



Melbourne Guitar LessonsThe Teacher:

Thomas Lorenzo is an Australian born but Spanish music teacher, composer and guitar player that specializes in innovative music learning and training. He credits course development for Paul Mc Cartney´s School of Music in the UK, L´Aula de Musica of Barcelona (Spain), Berklee International Network, and CIRA France Europe Connection.

He is a published scholar. His book has become a standard text book in Spanish and Latin American Conservatories, Music Schools and Universities. Read More………….

He plays with artists such as: Walfredo Reyes (Chicago), Alphonso Johnson (Weather Report), and Dave Garfield (Toto).

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Thomas Lorenzo on Electric Guitar in Spanish Breeze, 2009. Featuring Alphonso Johnson, Grammy award producer Bruce Sugar, Dave Garfield (George Benson), and Walfredo Reyes (Chicago):

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