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Sydney Guitar Courses: Unlock Your Guitar Potential

Embrace a Path to Musical Proficiency

From beginners to advanced guitarists, start with the basics, ensuring a strong foundation before progressing or addressing any skill gaps. Focus on playing songs smoothly before delving into advanced courses.

From level 4 onwards, you’re ready to explore your creative talent in jazz, flamenco, and blues with our Sydney Guitar Courses.

Advanced Courses
Beginners Guitar Course
Intermediate Guitar Course
Blues Jazz Intro de Improvisation on the guitar
CAGED Creative Accompaniments

Level 4 Conquered, Specialization Awaits

Blues Guitar lessons Melbourne

Blues Guitar Lessons – The Essence

Learn how to: improvise over the blues, vary riffs both rhythmically and melodically, how to structure solos, how to combine chordal sounds with pentatonic major and minor sounds.We will have a lot of fun.

Funk Guitar Lessons

Funk Guitar Lessons

If you love to play groove and rhythm on the guitar and would like to know how James Brown, Prince or John Scofield create those grooves, then this is the course for you.

jazz guitar lessons inspired by pat metheny

Jazz Guitar Lessons Advanced Improvisation

Develop your potential as a jazz improviser. Explore the 2 levels of the Jazz Guitar Course: over the bar phrasing, motif soloing, LST and many more resources.

Flamenco Guitar Lessons Melbourne

Flamenco Guitar Lessons

Learn popular styles in flamenco as Solea, Bulerias, Alegrias, Fandango, Guajiras. Learn the specific harmonic progressions & melodic embellishments.

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Comprehensive Guitar Courses

Our courses typically span around 10 weeks per level, offering options for group or individual study. Between classes, you’ll have access to online materials to reinforce your learning and prevent forgetting what you’ve covered in class.

I believe that beginner guitar courses should be approached meticulously and in great detail, ensuring a strong foundation from the start. This addresses the common challenge we all face when starting to learn an instrument.

While students may be eager to dive directly into jazz, flamenco, or blues inspired by their favorite artists, it’s essential to master the basics first. By doing so, you’ll avoid merely following chords and playing fragmented pieces. Remember to have fun and unleash the full potential of your talent as a guitarist.

So, focus on mastering the fundamentals and delve into the incredible world of jazz improvisation, blues, or flamenco at a later stage. I appreciate the diversity of musical styles, as each carries a unique vibe that can truly uplift your day and that of others.

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