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Thomas LorenzoBeginners

Artistic Guitar

Professional Guitar 6

The student upon completion will be able to:


  • Sight read in positions 10, 11 and 12.
  • Read rhythms and melody from Paul Hindemith: pages 45 to 80.
  • Perform Berklee Modern Method for Guitar Volume 2: pages 50-113.


  • Using standard notations compose a:
    • 32 bar composition harmonised for solo guitar playing
    • 32 bar composition with dominant substitute and relative minor chords


  • Transcribe and memorise a 32 bar improvisation.


  • Play all arpegios, targeted diationically and cromatically, from above and below.


  • Play melodic minor scales and modes in two octaves in all keys.


  • Play 4th chords, U.S.T

Solo piece

  • Play solo guitar piece of their choice.

Ensemble Work

  • Perform two songs to choose from the following styles: Jazz, Rock, Blues, Folk, Latin Flamenco, developing melody and accompaniment.


  • Talk about the chords, as a soloist and not as the accompaniment, changing the setting for the impro, where we reharmonise without telling the musicians.
  • Chords of opposite harmonic function UST for short periods
  • UST for long periods
  • Dominants by extension and their relative minor chords
  • Modal interchange reharmonisation
  • Talk about the melody with more than one note a a time with four note voicings or more


We play chords in a manner where we help define the groove and enhance therhythmic harmonic variety and excitement with the focus point of accompaniment: area 2 or area 3.

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