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Must Read to help you play you enjoy further the guitar
Beginners Guitar Articles
Beginners Guitar Articles
Articles to help the beginner guitarist enjoy further their learning and music.
Chord Articles
Chord Articles
Articles on chords to help you develop your accompaniment.
Creativity leads to well being
Articles on creativity and well being.
Flamenco Classical Guitars For Sale
Flamenco Classical Guitars for Sale
Check out my personal selection of Flamenco guitars for sale.
How To Improvise On The Guitar Articles
How to improvise on the guitar articles
A series of articles to help you develop improvisation on the guitar in all styles of music.
How To Play The Guitar Articles
How to play the guitar articles
A list with tips and how 2s to help you play the guitar
Melbourne Things To Do
Melbourne things to do
Melbourne Concerts, Workshops, Creative Guitar learning.
Songwriting On The Guitar
Songwriting on the guitar
Wollongong Guitar Lessons
Wollongong Guitar lessons
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