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Level 3 Styles & Improvisation - Elevate Your Skills Today

Unleash Your Brilliance: Create Thrilling Grooves, Craft Expressive Solos, and Ignite Your Creativity! Develop rock-solid technique, master chord-scale relationships, and wield a versatile toolkit for improvisation across an array of styles: Blues, Jazz, Pop, Funk, Flamenco, Latin Music. Get ready to own the stage

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Guitar Styles and Improvisation

Unleash Your Guitar Mastery: Craft, Collaborate, Elevate

Explore the essence of musical expression in our immersive guitar course. Dive into improvisation, music theory, and chord-scale relationships. Collaborate on recordings, refine fingerpicking, and master expressive solos. Redefine your musical journey today!


10 Week Courses


Reduced Groups

Maximum group size is of 4 students


Showcasing Talent

Guitar groups perform every 10 weeks

What Makes This Course Special?

Already skilled at picking out songs by ear and composing? Great technique, too.

What’s Next?

Time to jam! Learn groove variations, solo building, and crafting melodies in various styles.

Styles define how grooves and melodies play, even chord specifics.

This course helps you define styles, stand out, and learn aurally.

Memorize via listening, use reading to learn better.

Work hard, showcase creativity as the 10 weeks wrap up.

Level 3

Guitar Course Highlights

  • Master major 12-bar blues
  • Explore minor 12-bar blues and three variations
  • Craft expressive lyrical solos
  • Build solos that highlight chords
  • Defining the Jazz Guitar Styles
  • Defining the Funk Guitar Styles
  • Defining the Flamenco Guitar Styles
  • Create groovy accompaniments with chord tensions
  • Dive into secondary dominants
  • Record your minor song
  • Record your major song with secondary dominants
  • Reharmonize tunes with secondary dominants
  • Tackle a classical piece

Unveil your musical prowess with these engaging lessons.

This guitar course is also available online.

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