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Melodic Triad Techniques: Elevate Guitar Accompaniments

This course offers guitarists a specialized skill set, the pivoting techniques, to cultivate creative guitar accompaniments within songs. Learn to infuse melodies with chords that match vocal emotions, enhance music enjoyment, and foster seamless creativity for a world-class songwriting experience. Gain proficiency in crafting vibrant accompaniments, applying arranging techniques, and elevating the clarity and groove of your playing.

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Masterful Guitar Accompaniment: Guided Learning, Online Resources & Recording

Structured learning with a dedicated teacher. Access online materials for comprehensive guidance. Master creating professional guitar tracks through practical techniques. Ehnace your skills in a supportive environment.


10 Week Courses


Reduced Groups

Maximum group size is of 4 students


Showcasing Talent

Guitar groups perform every 10 weeks

Transform your Strumming

Elevate your guitar playing with our Melodic Triad Techniques course and unlock a world of musical possibilities. If you’re tired of ordinary strumming and want to create captivating accompaniments like guitar legends Hendrix, Clapton, and more, this course is for you. Gain skills in pivoting techniques, arrangement, and harmony, and discover how to make your chords come alive, stand out in the mix, and match the emotions of your vocals. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your strumming, enhance your musicality, and take your guitar skills to a whole new level. Also available online at the Creative Guitar Academy 


melodic triad techniques

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Unlock Your Guitar's Melodic Potential: Transformative Techniques for Dynamic Accompaniments

Are you tired of your guitar accompaniments sounding lackluster? Our Melodic Triad Techniques course addresses this by teaching you how to infuse creativity into your playing. Say goodbye to blurry strumming in a band setting – we’ll show you how to create arrangements that complement vocals and instruments. Whether you struggle with making your chords stand out, need to add more dynamics to your songs, or want to match chords with vocal emotions, this course offers solutions to elevate your guitar playing and band sound.

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