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Flamenco Guitar Bulerias

Video – Flamenco Guitar, La Vidala del Nombrador, Spanish folk song played por Bulerías.

La Vidala del Nombrador.

I enjoy playing flamenco guitar since I am always able to create constant variations of chords and melodies on the go and do not have to play some prearranged score.

The melody of each section and the 12 beat bar, bulerias  is fixed but how I interpret it is not. I base my variations of bulerias upon a solid understanding of the chord scale relationship, triads and upper structure triads derived in 6 positions of the guitar.

This does take time to master but the advantage is that I can play whatever I wish anywhere at any time, keep the groove flowing and keep the melody upfront.


Expand your chordal knowledge

Learn to play all scales and related diatonic triads in at least 5 positions of the guitar. This knowledge will give you a solid foundation that will allow you to hear and see all sounds around the chords you may use in your songs. If you master these positions correctly,  you will be able to  harmonise on the go, play lyrically or harmonically, both in your roles as a soloist or accompanist. My style of playing where I give melodic value to all my chords is based upon a solid understanding of these concepts. 

Bulerias create melodies with chordsOnline learning

If you wish to explore further this  how to you will require you to undergo a structured learning plan. Please refer to my online guitar courses which will give you the basics so you may start exploring the world of harmony chords and melodic thinking.

I also teach these concepts in my regular courses at all Sydney guitar lessons and they apply to all styles of music jazz, blues, funk and all styles of  instruments including acoustic or electric guitar. 

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