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Play the guitar, flow and enjoy life

Mediterranean Music

??”Vinc d’un poble”  by  Judit Neddermann.  Performed by Thomas Lorenzo on the guitar, Anna Chiva on vocals , Dudo Domingo on flute and Claudia Domingo as the young lead vocalist. A casual performance with my good friends at their home in Amposta in Catalonia, Spain.

My friends are all professional musicians, have dedicated their full lives to music and have created a life and family around this beautiful gift.

Light Rumba

This composition represents some of the new Mediterranean Music that is heard in Spain at the moment in 2021.  We play the song in a light rumba style where the rhythm is as sweet as the melody. 

When you play on the guitar a rumba groove there’s no need to thrash it at full dynamics but rather infer it and bring it in when the music needs such.

Please note how the groove is always the same but in order to play with intensity I add more density to it. Density is achieved by adding more subdivision to my guitar playing and also by adding melodic value to the accompaniment. You can work on this form of developing your chords in my level 4 course dedicated to making melodies with chords.

Life can be even more beautiful

Life can be even more beautiful when you are able to share a Sunday afternoon with your friends just playing music and enjoying life with the gift of music.

I believe words can be very tiring but music is a regenerating experience. The older you get the better it gets. 

I wish everyone one on the planet would get together once a week and simply make music with others. I have a feeling that wars would soon disappear, hatred would subside, greed would give way to more sharing and we would value wealth by how much you are able to transmit in your music.

Music brings people together

 I personally imagine the universe as a balance of matter that vibrates in some sort of harmony. Music is the pathway we have created to help us vibrate in sync with our universe.

Why do I infer music to be such a powerful means?

I love to play the guitar, and have been doing so, composing and producing music for the last 50 years of my life. When I make music I choose what to play as a consequence of choosing what I feel flows best.  When I play the guitar with friends and we flow together it just feels so good and there is no other experience like it that a human can go through. 

Yes we have religion, love, family, friends and they are all bonding experiences that give meaning to life. But music and the guitar allow a deeper bonding where words do not exist and therefore only good feelings can thrive. 

The musical bond

As we play in sync with each other we also start to be in sync with all existence. This synchronization is of feelings we share and not impose. As we play we all bounce around in our own thoughts and feelings, but we are bound together by the stream of music.

This experience matches no other I have felt in my life.

Can we all play the guitar?

Yes we can all play the guitar, and above all we all should play some sort of instrument but in a manner that we can play with others so as to not to end up playing on our own and missing out on the fun of sharing.

Please note that in English we use the word to play when we refer to music. I believe we all know that when we play with others we have fun. So let’s have some fun

Music is definitely about sharing the ride with your musical friends.

What keeps music flowing?

The real pleasure starts happening when we are able to sync our movements, melodies and feelings to the pulse which is the heart beat of the song.

As a teacher one of my goals is to share with you how to sync your musical thoughts to a pulse which in simple terms means play to a metronome. 

Music is a language that works differently to a spoken language as English. We need to learn how to sync sound to the beat and not thoughts. As a student you need to learn how to hear and play in tempo with no thinking. 

Develop your aural and rhythmic skills

This is achieved through proper ear training that will help you develop aural and rhythmic skills. In your guitar training you will always spend more than half of your time developing these skills as they are what will help you remember melodies, songs, chords and above all have fun.

You will not be able to play by thinking but only by hearing. Thus the phrase “ if you cannot sing it you cannot play it”. 

Online Guitar Lessons and in person

At the Creative Guitar School you can study guitar online or in person. Our locations for in person guitar lessons are Sydney and also Wollongong.

The online learning program allows all students to have maximum interaction with each other and the teacher. I have designed the courses so students have to work together with their classmates on weekly projects  to stimulate learning and help build upon the beauty of music which is playing together.

Thomas Lorenzo

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