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Guitar Concert- Creative Guitar School – Nov 30, Melbourne

Guitar Concert- Creative Guitar School – Nov 30, Melbourne

Creative Guitar School Concert Nov 30, Melbourne, School of Music

Creative School Guitar Concert

November 30

12 -2 pm 

Armadale Uniting Church

86a Kooyong Road

3163, Armadale, Vic

On November 30 we will be celebrating our next school concert where students will showcase their skills and compositions.

This is a free event but please rsvp through our facebook event page.

The concert schedule

Students must all arrive at the venue at 10.30 a.m, at the latest. At this time we will be sharing a light brunch and also have the opportunity to mingle, chat, so as to prepare for our concert. I would also like to ask for volunteers to help set up the stage and dining area. 

The doors for the general public will open at 11.45 a.m. This is a free event, but ask all your friends and family to get a ticket through our online booking system. This will ease up the entrance process and allow the guitar concert to start right on time.

Bands performing 

There will be a total of 8 groups performing two songs each. The total concert time will be of approximately 90 minutes. Our guitar concerts are a fun activity for all students, family and friends. This is the time we all get together to share our love of music and guitar in a professional concert setting

I eagerly await to hear all your exciting music. 

A summary of the educational objectives of the Guitar School

The Creative Guitar School offers online learning, and traditional classroom guitar lessons that are most suited for students in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne as my studio is located in Carnegie. 

My educational objective is to help students achieve wellbeing through self expression in music. Yes they all learn to play the guitar in different styles as blues, jazz , rock, funk or flamenco. They also learn to play acoustic guitar, nylon or on electric guitar.

Our difference in music education

The main difference in what I teach and share is based upon the why of music. We play music to share a musical idea with others. If we do not play music, in a manner that we can share it, the end result will not feel that good. This means that we have to learn to play songs in a manner that we can play in a group situation where the melody is clearly expressed, the groove clearly defined and the variations of the previously, clearly developed so as to maintain a flow in a song.

Students must acquire a thorough knowledge of scales, chords, technique but also a deep understanding of how to hear and play a melody, and the groove of a song. 

No matter the role you play in a band you must be able to perform the melody and relate it to the chords at all times. For example, when you play chords you must be singing the melody of the song,

or when you play the drums you must be singing the melody of the song. This is a must for all musical styles and unfortunately is not an educational objective you will find on most internet learning platforms. Furthermore, these platforms teach you scales, chords, rhythms, licks but few mention why you need to learn them and use them.

Traditional aural and rhythmic training 

Guitar students that learn in music schools will undergo  aural learning that includes singing and hearing. A good teacher will make sure you master these concepts correctly. Please avoid learning songs by just playing some chords as this will take you nowhere and lead to personal frustration.

Composing and performing 

All guitar students must learn to compose music. A composition is like an essay. We all have gone through primary school, and reached a point where we learn to write clear essays. This helps us understand how to express a concept in a clear and logical manner. 

The same occurs in music, we all must learn to explain to others a musical idea, and this you may achieve through composition 

The guitar students that will be playing at our next school concert will perform compositions or work related to course material. In all my guitar courses that I offer either online,  or in a classroom group learning, students learn skills and master them by creating a composition based upon the targeted skills. 

This is great fun and proves to be a very valuable learning asset and also a very satisfying experience  for all students. 

Students may also benefit from recordings and productions in our studio environment.

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