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Online: Pivoting Techniques, Songwriting Exclusive

Starting December 3 . Google hangout group session on Fridays at 7p.m . Read more

Updates on upcoming  new guitar courses – lessons in Carnegie.

Beginners 1 

  • Tuesdays at 6 pm,  starting December 3: One spot left 
  • Fridays at 6 pm, starting December 6 : One spot left


  • Wednesdays at 6 pm,  starting November 27: One opening left. 

Private lessons available slots left:

Mondays at 9  am.

Book a free 30 minute assessment;  discover your guitar skills and the most adequate Guitar Course for you.

All other courses are currently full 

Updates on upcoming Concerts

Dear 30 of November 2019

We are coming for you armed with our guitars, marching like true stars!

  • Saturday, November 30, 2019 at 12 PM – 2 PM
  • Uniting Prahran (Armadale location )86A Kooyong Road, Armadale, Victoria, Australia 3181
Creative Guitar School Concert

Same place, same time.  Better food and better music.

On Saturday November 30 we will be celebrating our latest concert of the year 2019. Special performances by: The Superb Squealers, The Misty C Chord Specialists and the famous Lack of Practice Guitar Ensemble.

If you would like to join in on the fun, please RSVP; so we may reserve a table for you. The Smart Guitar Dress Code will be imposed.

What do you need to do to learn the guitar ?

You need to say yes to structure, yes to a routine to develop your aural rhythmic and performance skills, but with the following goal.

To be able to hear a song, figure out the chords and melody without any help and play it in a concert as lead or rhythm guitarist. 

Once you have a vocabulary of 10 simple songs you will have the necessary foundation for future musical learning

Yes this requires work, discipline and patience. I would say a minimum of 20 weeks of 20 minutes a day, repeating and perfecting every skill and exercise with the constant guidance of a teacher.

Book you free assessment

Explore all the available guitar courses and levels and book your free assessment to learn where you are at and what else you need to know. After the interview,  I will assign you to the appropriate level and course. 

What can you start doing right now . Do’ s and Dont’s.

  • Start learning full songs both melody and chords
  • Start playing in tempo
  • Start developing your ability to hear a musical phrase and play it 
  • Develop your technique only as a need for these goals. 
  • Don’t think ,just do it 
  • Sing everything you play 
  • Play with others

  • Don’t play chords if you cannot sing the melody at the same time to a metronome or the original track
  • Don’t think music is about playing scales or only chords or reading  pieces of music 
  • There’s more to it 
  • Don t fiddle with the guitar, play a song  from start to finish

Student Success stories

Please visit my music production page to read more on my student success stories.

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