Advantages of guitar group lessons

.Advantages of guitar group lessons

Group guitar courses can be fun. You will enjoy the benefits of learning music but in a social setting, which is what music is all about. You will be able to compare your learning progress with others.

guitar group lessons

Guitar learning can be frustrating at times. Music is a discipline that requires repetition and patience. We all have different learning speeds therefore it is rewarding to see how others learn, in order to feel that we are not alone.

The school organizes guitar group lessons as 10 week courses. The current price is of $ 315 . In each class we have up to 4 students. If a student misses a class, they may follow up what was taught by viewing a video of the lesson, which can be found in a common folder for the group, in our google drive and drop box.

Beginners Guitar

Beginners take more advantage from group lessons than advanced students. It is hard for an advanced student to fit into a specific level, as their musical knowledge might encompass needs from different levels. Therefore, I would recommend private lessons for advanced students. Please review all guitar lesson levels through this link.

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At present all guitar courses are fully booked until October 10th.  Please sign up early to get in and send me an email so I can get you on to a waiting list.

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I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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