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Advantages Of Group Guitar Lessons

Advantages of guitar group lessons

Advantages of guitar group lessons

Group guitar courses can be fun. You will enjoy the benefits of learning music but in a social setting, which is what music is all about. You will be able to compare your learning progress with others.  Group learning  exposes the student to a more natural learning environment.

guitar group lessons

Guitar learning can be frustrating at times. Music is a discipline that requires repetition and patience. We all have different learning speeds therefore it is rewarding to see how others learn, in order to feel that we are not alone.

The school organizes guitar group lessons as 10 week courses. The current price is of $315. In each class we have up to 4 students.

All courses and electives are offered in private or group guitar lessons.

Beginners learn more as a group

Beginners learn more in group lessons than advanced students. It is hard for an advanced student to fit into a specific level, as their musical knowledge might encompass needs from different levels. Therefore, I would recommend private lessons for advanced students.

Please read through all my guitar courses available in my academy through this link.


Conditions for enrolment

Before I accept a student into my program, we schedule an interview. If a student wishes to learn in a group environment, I then match their skills with others and propose the most appropriate group for their learning.



Group lessons or private lessons

Group guitar lessons and courses simulate the real life working environment of music. Private instruction concentrates more on individual performance skills. Private instruction is more intense and more efficient for advanced learning.


All students learn the same in all levels and courses no matter what option is taken.

Please call me and schedule an interview to learn about your skills and creative potential.


When to join a group?

Groups open up every three weeks. Students skills are matched in order to create the most efficient learning environment but this process requires time. Therefore, if you wish to join a group, please contact us at least 5 weeks in advanced. If your choice of group is not available we will put you on a waiting list.


What happens if you cannot attend a class?

All group classes are recorded on video for personal use by group members. Classes are held in a recording studio setting hence the capability of quality recordings of all sessions. Students have access to the video through the group virtual folder( drop box) in order to make up the missed class.


 Group guitar lessons timetable

Groups meet on weekday evenings between 6 pm and 9 pm. Read more on upcoming guitar courses and lessons.


Note: Please try to book well in advance, as this method of learning is in high demand during the evening timetable.



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