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Thomas Lorenzo Melbourne Guitar Teacher In Concert

Upcoming Melbourne Flamenco Jazz Guitar Concert August 2016

 Upcoming Melbourne Flamenco Jazz Guitar Concert August 2016

I am pleased to present my new promotional video for my upcoming Melbourne Flamenco Jazz Guitar concert to be held at the Armadale Uniting Church on August 26 at 7pm.

Please join us and share this exciting evening with us.

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New CD

We are currently finishing my new CD which will be released as 10 singles this coming year. I never ever get tired of composing and bringing to life jazz, flamenco and world music in a manner that music lovers can access at any time, any where in the world.

I believe nothing will ever beat the magic of a live concert, but a recording is the next best thing, as a consequence prefer to deliver recordings of my Jazz and Flamenco guitar music, that portray what the listener would experience live.

The guitar is an instrument that can produce notes with strong percussive attacks. This occurs when the guitar is played softly but with a precise attack. The listener will not hear in my recordings drums or bass. The Spanish guitar is an extremely versatile instrument that when mastered can deliver from great beauty to an avalanche of sound and percussion.

Flamenco Jazz Guitar Concert August 2016

How I record my guitar

I have had a few emails lately asking how I record my guitar.

My microphone of preference is the SCHOEPS  condenser microphone CMC 5_u with MK4 cardiod pattern capsule. I record, into the digital domain, with the Ensemble Apogee interface, at 48 kHz and with a resolution of 24 bits.

My guitar of choice, that allows for sweetness and great attack, is the Hermanos Conde, model 2006. I choose this model amongst all others that where available in the Hermanos Conde shop in Madrid, at that time. It took me  two full days trying out all similar models. I  finally took this one home with me.

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Thomas Lorenzo

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