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Next Available Courses

Next Available Courses Beginners Group Level 1 Course start date: July 1st at 8pm Duration:…

Beginners Guitar Lessons Near Me Thomas Lorenzo

Best way to learn guitar

The best way to learn guitar is to reproduce in class the real life musical context. We do not play segments.......

Frankston Arts Centre Concert: Thomas Lorenzo

Frankston Arts Centre Concert: Thomas Lorenzo Memories de Barçelona: Minimalistic Contemplations in Flamenco, Jazz and Pop, 8 compositions that reflect upon human values that bond our community.
World Music Ensembles Melbourne Guitar Lessons

World Music Ensembles

Explore the possibilities of creating music with the guitar in The Creative School world music ensembles. Flamenco, Rumba, Bossa Nova, Samba, Son, Tangos.
Melbourne Electric Guitar Lessons

Electric Guitar Lessons

Learn from the masters how they apply the language of music. Memorise specifics of what they do and create your own sound.
How To Play Scales On The Guitar

How to play Guitar Scales

How to play guitar scales. How hear a melody and play it. Major minor modes, pentatonic, melodic minor mode, diminished and whole tone. Be Creative, Shine.
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