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Student guitar compositions arrangements

Student guitar compositions

All students are encouraged to compose as a method of increasing the speed of their learning. It is fun and stimulating to hear how your thoughts come to life through music. Students write songs at all levels of all guitar lessons


student guitar compositions


I consider music learning to be similar to learning a language. We only make sense of what we know if we are able to communicate with others our thoughts. That is why we write essays at school. A composition is a sort of an essay. It allows us to structure our expression and there for further understand that of others.

A guitarist can be very creative at all levels of playing ether as a soloist or as part of the rhythm section. Frankly,  it can become quite boring  to recite only music written by others. When we play, we must make the music ours. That is the advantage of understanding through the guitar how music works:  tempo, harmonic  structures, phrasing , motif development. The more we understand what we are playing,  he more we can modify the music, to suit our way of feeling and thinking and as a consequence, the more fun we will have. We can have as much fun as the most talented artist with our limitations and virtues.

I would like to invite guests to read through all my guitar courses in all styles a blues, jazz or flamenco , and learn the advantages of studying music and guitar, in a manner where self expression, creativity and consequent well being,  are the goals at all times.

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Thomas Lorenzo

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