Music Education Benefits

music education benefits

 Music Education Benefits

I was just reading the inquiry titled Extent, Benefits and Potential of Music Education in Victorian Schools by The Victoria Parliament and I would like to highlight the following excerpt:

  1. Music intelligence is one of the seven different intelligences that need to be developed and nurtured (Howard Gardner, Frames of Minds).
  2. Music is powerfully educational and has emotional, therapeutic and motivational benefits.
  3. There are powerful transfer effects that benefit the development of the individual in personal, social and intellectual domains. It benefits language development, literacy, numeracy, creativity, social skills, concentration, team-­? work, fine motor coordination, self-confidence and emotional sensitivity.

The Lonely Guitar on the Wall

All the above are agreeable statements but why then are there so many guitars hanging up on our home walls, songs that have never been finished or even played, dreams forgotten?

I believe that eagerness to learn and self-expression succumbs to the traditional learning process based upon the imitation of others. In traditional education, we only learn how to play other people´s music in the manner they believe it should be played.

This embarks the student on a very slow, frustrating learning process that rewards only those who can imitate others.

If we compared this process to the learning of a language like English, the outcome would be that we would only be able to read but not able to write, talk or communicate with others.

Music is a language; a very unique language used only to communicate emotions. I engage my guitar students in a learning process where writing, talking and reading skills are equally developed at all stages of training.


Experience your creative side. Feel the excitement of accomplishment. Music education benefits our personal well being.

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