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Guitar Mindfulness

Guitar Mindfulness

Music Mindfulness in the Classroom

Music is a language that allows us to connect with a flow of existence which in other words is simply being in the moment.

As musicians our goal is to experience the pure pleasure of musical creation , performance and listening.

How to Achieve this Guitar Mindfulness as a Performer

I would suggest moving away from cognitive conscious thinking.

As a teacher and educator over the last 40 years I have noticed what happens when students think more than hear.

To think means to block out the sound and have the thoughts visually guide us to what we wish to play rather than such being a consequence of the sound we have in our head.

There is really a fine line that separates the difference between enjoyment and suffering that may lead to anxiety and depression. I know that this is a radical statement but I urge you to play the sound you have in your mind rather than think and suffer. This is the basics of this state of guitar mindfulness.

Hear and Play

How do I Know if I am Actually Playing the Sound I Have in my Head

If after playing for an hour non stop in front of an audience you feel ok, then you are doing it right. However if you feel bad after your playing, suffer stage anxiety, are forgetful of what to play or are distracted too easily, then your thoughts are anticipating the imaginative sound creation process.

Don't we Need to Think While we Play

Yes of course we think but the thought only guides us towards the physical expression of the sound we are  aurally imagining.  We need to have the sound in our mind, the aural concept and then afterwards use our thoughts to bring that sound to life.

The thoughts  will then tell us how to play, in what key, what chords , when, ect.

Therefore, first we imagine the sound, then we bring it to life through the instrument of our choice which in this case is the guitar.

Do not skip this step 

If you skip this step you will always end up missing what you really have to play and as a consequence not progress,  feel frustrated, unsatisfied and anxious.

Why Doesn't Traditional Training Teach us to Study, Practice and Perform in this Manner

Traditional European Music training is based upon a 19th century model developed in French conservatories to prepare for virtuosity or showmanships. This model was then exported to conservatories around Europe leading to the present appalling experience where students have to study 5 years of solfeig, memorizing visual images rather than sound and at the end of the career are still not able to hear and enjoy music appropriately.

The Exception

If a guitar student has been lucky to be brought up in a musical environment where they have learnt to enjoy the listening experience of music since childhood, the visual form of learning will be positive. However if you have not experienced music listening as a child, in a musical family, then you must be taught to hear music as a child would do.

Guitar Mindfulness

My Online and Face to Face Courses

All my online guitar courses and face to face guitar lessons teach the student to first develop the aural concept of the sound and then find such on the instrument. In other words, you will learn to hear and sing the sound with the correct rhythm before being able to play it .

Having a clear aural understanding of the melodic line will help us perform to the limit of our creative minds.

Furthermore, developing upon this  form of learning where you play what you hear, will help you compose in manner when you are able to pinpoint the melody you wish to express which is the aftermath of the emotion.

If you are a songwriter and are further interested in learning about making sure your recordings reflect upon your state of music mindfulness please follow the link.


In traditional learning they say look at me, look at what I am doing or look at what I wrote down and play it.

You then have to memorize a visual component and then imitate that visual component and hopefully as an end result,  you will hear the corrcet sound. This is also the way your youtube works.

But if you first memorize the sound, and are able to sing it, you will then only have to figure out the mechanical movement and this order is much easier and much more satisfying.

Music is More than a Sound

A musical sound will generate emotions, the imprint of that emotion is what we try to recreate on our instrument. Upon reproducing the sound we are also targeting the emotion.

Therefore it is further more efficient to not only memorize the sound but relate to an emotion. In this manner our eagerness to reproduce that emotion will help us achieve the desired perfection.

The need to reproduce the emotion and its achievement is the final outcome of guitar mindfulness.

Music Mindfulness

Is this a Quicker way of Learning

If I had been taught in his manner I would have saved myself 30 years of studying and endless nights of restlessness.

We are much more intelligent emotionally than what they teach us at schools. Our capability of feeling and creating intelligent responses to that  feeling is the key to invoke our full potential.

Unfortunately society is not programmed in this manner and will result in conflict with regular ways of thinking or acting.

Why do I Insist so Much on Hearing, Imagination and then Playing

This has helped me reduce drastically the time it takes me to memorize a piece. This allows me to play for hours without injury and achieve pure fulfillment.

After performing and practicing in this manner, I feel less the need to sleep, to drink, to eat and just a pure need to existe and breathe. It is a form of meditation that I find incredible and very real as in meditation you are just with yourself, but in music you’re meditating to share with others your feelings. This is pure magic and we all should have the possibility of experiencing such.

All  my guitar courses will teach you from the beginning to enjoy music in this manner but you will need patience and discipline to adapt to the non visual learning process.


If you believe music is just about playing fast for 10 seconds what you see on a tik tok then my courses are not for you.

These guitar courses will not develop showmanship but will allow you to approach music with love and respect for your feelings. This is the only path that will allow you to enjoy life through music in a sincere manner.

If we were to simply look for showmanship, speed and technique then soon we will start suffering.

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