At the creative guitar school you can study 6 levels of learning. You can choose to study each level privately, in a group or online. You may also study extra specific courses called electives.

When to study ?

Please visit this link for upcoming timetables for guitar group courses and private guitar lessons.

General objectives:

Here, at the Creative Guitar School in Melbourne, I offer a selection of masterclasses and levels, geared towards the achievement of your personal goals, as a musician or artist.

The guitar student, upon completion of any module or elective, will learn to play the guitar in contemporary styles of music, creating artistic expression as a soloist, accompanist and composer.

The 6 Guitar Levels

Guitar levels at the creative guitar school


Artistic Guitar

Please follow each link to view the exact content of each level and electives.

Students are required to also complete 2 basic electives and two advanced guitar electives to compliment all 6 levels of guitar learning.

Learn by style


Advanced Guitar Lessons
How to play Guitar Scales

For further information on Guitar Masterclasses please visit : Guitarmasterclasses

How will you learn to play the guitar?

You will learn all the concepts of each level in a structured setting where you learn to master each skill with definer exercises that will allow you to build and to be able to move on to the new skills.. You will learn all skills by hearing them , singing them and memorising them.

After completing the first two levels you will be able to hear a song you like, understand the key , figure out the chords and play the melody without any help from You will also be able to play a song in a group setting where you first play the lead then develop a solo then move on to creating accompaniment so other classmates may do the same on the guitar.

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