Creative Guitar Songwriting Lessons

Guitar Songwriting LessonsCreative Guitar Songwriting Lessons

The guitar is a great instrument to write songs with. At the Creative Guitar School I can help you take your songs to the next level.

The guitar songwriting lessons and general courses benefit songwriters that actually write songs using the guitar.

  1. Would you like to know how to structure your song in a way you never loose audience attention or interest?
  2. Would you like to now how to write a killer bass-line?
  3. How about coming up with a unique harmony and groove that makes your song vibe?

I have a book of over 300 pages full of tools, tips and knowledge that professionals use every day.

I do not think it it wise to give you the solution to your needs in composing. I will inform you of the different options and guide you so you can develop your unique creativity.

Call me and let´s have a discussion about  how the creative guitar songwriting lesson can help you achieve your goals.. May be you are unsure about what you would like to achieve. That´s just fine as I would love to hear from you 0448348701. Call now or drop me an email

 How can guitar songwriting lessons help me in my goals?

When we  write songs we generally have a musical idea that pops up in our head and patiently we transform that idea into audible music. These sounds that pop up in our head are a consequence of what we have heard in the past and what we want to express. Sometimes we imagine sounds that we do not know how to play.  A thorough knowledge of applied harmony and chord scales  can help us pinpoint the exact sound we wish to produce.

I personally believe that the best knowledge of how to write songs comes from actually having in our brain a data base of all those songs we love.  We need to be able to play and understand them. Songwriting guitar lessons focus on creating a solid performance repertoire of the songs we love to listen. A

Shine, Be Unique. 0448348701