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Writing on the Guitar-Songwriter Exclusive


I am currently finalising my new online courses for songwriters and guitarists who need more emotion from their songs and music productions, and uniqueness in their melodic and harmonic choices.  Especially, for those who like writing in the guitar and wish to deliver the most powerful live performance of their song  and record it with others.

What do you need to know to get the most out of a song?

The following modules will cover all your needs for writing on the guitar 

Module 1 Harmony

  • What chords do I have to work with the song I have in my head?
  • What other chords can I use for variety?
  • What chords can I choose to create more excitement?
  • Is my voice shining? Do I need to transpose?



Module 2 Structure

  • How can I choose a flowing structure?
  • How to add a surprise to the structure?

Module 3 Groove

  • What is the groove of my song ?
  • How to make even it more groovy, especially in the most exciting parts?

Module 4 Intensity

  • What and where is the climax of the song?
  • What rhythmic, melodic, harmonic tools do I have  to create intensity and feel that uplifting energy surge?

Module 5 Variety in the melody 

  • How can I make my melody more interesting?
  • How can it stand out more?
  • Does my melody reflect the emotional content of the words?
  • What tools do I have to achieve the desired emotion?

Module 6 Variety in the accompaniment

  • Do I hear backing vocals?
    • Can they help my melody stand out?
    • What type of vocals lines do I have to choose from?
  • Do I hear background lines? How can I translate them to the guitar?

Module 7 Enhancing bass lines 

Can I make the bass line more interesting and therefore make the harmony even more powerful? And the melody more emotional?

Module 8

Decide how the song is be played by others to enhance the final product. Think and define the roles of each section and how you would like them to play, to accompany your desired emotional goal.

  • What is the outline of bass I need to define the chords and the groove of the song  in each section? And the climax?
  • What is the rhythm I need, to  define the groove and pulse in each section, and the climax?
  • How should the accompaniment be played in each sectio ?
  • What is the background line of the accompaniment in each section and the climax ?

This course is to take your music to the next level and make it sound totally professional for those who enjoy writing on the guitar.

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