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The Creative Guitar School Visits Black Pearl Recording Studios In Moorabin.

Black Pearl Recording Studios Visited by Creative Guitar School

The Creative Guitar School Visits Black Pearl Recording Studios in Moorabin.

An educational experience allowing guitar students to explore music studio production, tracking, overdubbing mixing and mastering. Music recording is an artificial process that allows musicians and guitarists to deliver music to their audiences in a consumable format, as CD or mp3.

Guitar students learnt:

  • How to record to achieve the desired emotional impact in the listener. 
  • Why do we need an overdub session.
  • When should we correct mistakes.
  • What is sound production. 
  • How to establish sound production goals in our mix.

Black Pearl Studios is a state of the art complex featuring a 72 channel SSL 4000 E series console with a G+ computer. The studio has a collection of over 350 microphones, more than 130 top quality guitars, 350 vintage boutique pedals, and much more. For further info please visit : Black Pearl Recording Studios

Black Pearl Recording Studios Creative Guitar school Visit

Record and listen to your feelings

The art of recording is one of the major learning tools available to all guitarists at any stage of their learning. At the Creative Guitar School I invite all students to record their own compositions as part of their daily guitar training. This serves as a statement to show you where you are at and also a tool, so you may hear the difference between what your intentions were and what you have recorded.

No matter how hard we try we will never reflect in our playing all our emotional intention. This a fact of human nature and also a virtue to understand about how we express ourselves. It should be our goal as a guitarist to strive not for perfection, but for expression, which may sometimes feel as we are playing incorrectly. When you immerse yourself  into recording you will start to understand the concept of how to express.

Thomas Lorenzo

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