Basic Guitar Chords. How to play

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Basic Guitar Chords

Here at the Creative Guitar School n Melbourne I offer a selection of courses and masterclasses geared towards the achievement of your personal goals as a musician or artist.

At the beginning stage will will learn the basics of open and movable chord shapes of major triads, minor triads and 7th chords working with such in different time signatures ,tempos, styles and in different positions of the guitar . We will then further learn to hear the chord, hear it´s individual notes, understand why they are there and how to make use of them in a creative manner. You will soon be able to see, hear and use the same chords with different inversions and timbres on various parts of the neck . Your creativity will be enhanced by this knowledge opening a up a broad range of harmonic possibilities in your playing .

Course Content

  • Triads. (Basic Guitar Chords)
    Major, minor.and sus: Triads in root position
    Inversions of triads: Up the fretboard
    Inversions of triads: Across the fretboard
    Augmented and diminished triads
  • Barred Chords triads and 7th. (Basic Guitar Chords)
    Power chords triads , barred chords triads and 7th chords all over the guitar neck.
    We will learn to hear and use the bass notes of the chords creating groovy bass lines .We will learn to hear and use the melody notes of the chords creating harmonised melodic lines. Right hand techniques will be implemented to further explore chordal expression and melodies that can be derived from the use of them.Getting the most out of playing chords.
  • Chord Construction.(Basic Guitar Chords)
    You will learn to hear and understand the theory behind chord construction in open or closed position.
  • Tensions
    You will learn barred chords with tensions 9, sus 4, 13 and possible alterations as: b5, b13, #9, b9, #11-
  • Diminished Chords
  • Chord substitution will be introduced giving the student tools to further enhance their musical expression.


Basic Guitar Chords


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