Advanced Guitar Chords Lessons

“Learn all you can about music. There are no short cuts or quick fixes”. John Scofield

Advanced Guitar Chords

Here, at the Creative Guitar School in Melbourne, we offer a selection of courses and masterclasses geared towards the achievement of your personal goals as a musician or artist.

Building on the foundation of previous courses we will continue to focus on the individual notes that make up a chord rather than on the chord shape. In advanced guitar chords  will we further develop the understanding of the relationship between the notes of the chord and the actual song, and the harmonics of the chord. This course will further provide essential technical training that will improve your style, intonation, technique, time, feel, and tone.

In advanced guitar chords  we will start off by learning how to create open triads, seventh chord structures and inversions of complex chord forms on the guitar. We will then learn to break up chords creating melodies with existing tones. Your studies will take you through a variety of genres and focus in on a number of legendary artists and guitarists including Steve Ray Vaughn, Joe Pass, Eric Clapton, Bill Frisell, etc.

By the end of the advanced guitar chords course you will be able to read a lead sheet and play chord voicings, create harmonised melodies using seventh chords, open triadic shapes and inversions in several musical styles. Finger style techniques, latin, flamenco and brazilian rhythms will also be introduced as course material.

 Advanced Guitar Chords Course Content

  • Inversions of seventh chords in drop 2 and drop 3 with dominant and major 7th chords
  • Open major and minor triads
  • Harmonising all scale notes with triads
  •  Open diminished shapes
  • Open augmented shapes
  • Inversions of seventh chords: minor 7 and minor 7b5
  • Working with diatonic inversions of drop 2 chords
  • Harmonic minor voicings
  • Melodic minor diatonic chords
  • Advanced chord substitutions
  • Melodic minor harmonies
  • Modal voicings
  • Inversions of Maj7/Maj6/Min6/Dim7/Min7b5
  • Harmonising melodies with quartal harmonies
  • Harmonic major harmonies
  • Voice leading through chord scales
  • Voicings from symmetrical diminished and augmented scales


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