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Wollongong Guitar Inspiration


The Creative Guitar School is expanding  with a new business location offering both onsite services and online guitar lessons in Wollongong, NSW. 

We serve adult guitarists by providing them with the highest quality education available in contemporary music styles as rock, pop, jazz guitar and blues guitar.

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Wollongong, Where It all Started

I grew up in Wollongong and that is where I first heard the call of music, that made me choose a pathway I would travel along for the rest of my life as a guitarist and composer.

This road has taken me around the globe but more importantly is not what I have done but what I have felt on the journey.

When I play I adore the feeling of sharing what I come across with the audience. Music opens up a world of sounds and balance, and when I play I connect to this world and tell others about what I find.

Wollongong Guitar Teacher

Chasing Lizards

I attended primary School in Shellharbour and I was not very social as a kid. I loved to stick out my tongue to the teacher and chase the lizards in the courtyard in search of their eggs but I was obsessed with music and started singing in the Stella Maris School Choir. At the age of 7,  I also played my first short solo guitar concert and since then I have never stopped.

Our family later moved to Keiraville and I attended St Francis Xavier in Wollongong and Edmund Rice College in Mt Keira.

I remember being fascinated by the sounds of music, going to bed sleeping every night with my headphones on and  playing all the music I could get my radio dial to zoom in on. I loved to dance to Abba, the Little River Band, the Rolling Stones and all groovy music that was played.

Classical Guitar Training

My parents enrolled me in music and I started to learn how to play classical guitar with a guitar teacher located on Crown Street in Wollongong.

Unfortunately I could make no sense at all of what I had to play and why. I loved music but the classical training did not make any sense at all to me as a child.

wollongong 1970 guitar school

It Did Not Make Sense

I wanted to feel the music, to sing it, to play it and not to read notes on a piece of paper that actually sounded horrible to my ears, and nothing close to what I was hearing on the radio.

I needed to know more and I started learning on my own, discovering how to play those sounds I was hearing all day long.

I Learnt to Sing

At Edmund Rice College we had a great brass band and I started playing trombone for a while. This is where I learnt the need for aural training as brass instrument sounds are only created if you can sing them, as they are a consequence of overtones.

I concluded that my guitar learning needed strong aural skill development which in simple terms meant playing and singing songs which I picked up while playing at church at St Francis Xavier Cathedral.

This Wollongong Church was so laid back then and we all enjoyed our Fleetwood Mac and Beatles songs

Illawarra Nature, My Inspiration

Back in the 70s there was a lot of outdoor life for all the kids in the Illawarra neighbourhoods. I would spend a lot of my afternoons wandering through the rainforests of My Keira amazed by the sheer beauty of nature.

My parents loved to picnic and would take us to the beaches, to Lake Illawarra Kiama, Port Kembla, Bass point and I loved it,

All this love for nature created inside of me my need for self expression and this has been the motor of my existence and the drive for all my music.

In 1978, the family moved to Barcelona, Spain and there I continued my research into discovering the fascinating world of music. Read more

Illawarra Music Inspiration

Guitar Learning Objectives

I want all my students to be able to experience the joy of music as I have and that is why I have developed the CGA structured curriculum where you will learn to hear and sing what you have to play, so as to understand it and as a consequence play the guitar with love and joy.

There is no need to learn music by reading as was the objective of my classical  Wollongong guitar training. Music is a language that must be learnt aurally. Reading and writing come afterwards once we are able to talk the language of music.

From Beginner to Advanced

My Wollongong guitar school caters for the creative guitarists and songwriters that are seeking their own personal style in playing lead or improvising in a group format, in contemporary styles of music as jazz, pop funk or blues.

Always With a Teacher

Study with a dedicated Guitar teacher. Develop all your creative skills using a step-by-step curriculum that is goal oriented. Furthermore, be part of a vibrant supportive community, have fun and get results,

  • Learn as a Group
  • Personal Coaching
  • Vibrant Community Forum
  • Produce Studio Quality Recordings
  • Open Mic Sessions
  • Masterclasses
  • Exclusive Guitar Songwriting Courses
  • Visiting Artist Series

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