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The Creative Guitar School – New Location in South Sydney

New Sydney Guitar School

The Creative Guitar School is now opening in Sydney at 56a Raglan Street, Waterloo, NSW, 2017. We will be offering guitar lessons and ensembles in the Community Hall of the South Sydney Uniting Church.

Creative Guitar School South Sydney Guitar LessonsLocation

We are located at a 12 minute walk from Redfern Station and just a few minutes drive from the Sydney CBD. From Central Station you may take the bus routes: B320, B308 and B343.

The facility is wheelchair accessible and can accommodate larger ensembles of up to 10 members.

The location also encompases the Eden Community Garden full of fruits, vegetables, and 14 hens. Hopefully these hens will soon also become musically advantaged.

The Community

We are proud to form part of this Eden Community by adding one more activity to it´s offer  to further help replenish our lives with joy and love through music. I have chosen this location due to the fact of their involvement in the community through the Blue Knot Foundation, Cana Communities, newspaper, their drama and music groups and their regular jams on the 3rd Friday of the month.


Limited onsite parking is available for one on one students.

What Will you Learn

The Creative Guitar School  will offer our South Sydney guitar lessons and courses, to those guitarists who wish to explore their natural talent, and uniqueness through their creativity, in order to shine and feel good about life.

Guitar students of all levels and styles as jazz, flamenco, and blues,  learn to play contemporary music with the objective of playing with others sin small or big ensembles.

I believe music is a language that brings us all together and the purpose is that of sharing with others our joy of life.


Guitar courses, ensembles and one on one classes will be held in Sydney on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you would like to join please get in touch for a free assessment to see what level you are at and to point you in the right direction towards the appropriate courses.


Sydney Guitar Lessons near Redfern

The Creative Guitar School also offers ensembles, groups and private lessons at their location in Wollongong at 10 Rosemont St. Please follow the link for the timetable and available courses.


Guitar students start off with a structured learning  curriculum that teaches them the overall language of music and skills to be able to fully understand songs and even compose them.

Once a student completes their second level they can start specializing in different styles of music such as: funk, jazz, blues, rock, pop, and flamenco.

24 Hour Support

The Creative Guitar School offers students the possibility of following all the class material online so as to complement their learning. The teacher this way can keep an eye on the studenst and see how they progress during the week before the next lesson. All classes and groups are complemented by our Online Creative Guitar Academy.

Music is About Self Expression

Music is about self expression. The guitar is really a lovely choice to use as a vehicle for this important pillar of our well being.

I understand that the key to achieve the maximum satisfaction in music is by creating and reflecting the way we play, to how we feel. At our Sydney location students will learn to play in a structured academic manner but always allowing space for their creative minds to add variations and explore.

This we achieve through music improvisation. All my guitar lessons whether you study alone or in a group focus on the principles of constant improvisation. In order to do so guitar students need a firm grasp on scales, chords, rhythmic, aural training and performance skills.

South Sydney Guitar lessons

In other words you will learn quicker and in a more satisfying manner since you will master a set of tools that will help you express yourself as a unique human being.

Just imagine the feeling of expressing what you can see and feel, playing with others and not having to worry about existence and just flowing with it.

Come and join us, come and spend some beats and bars together. It is fun, really good fun!

What are the different Types of Music Ensembles

We offer the following three types of ensembles:


The Theme Movie Ensemble

We play movie themes such as James Bond, Pink Panther, Cinema Paraiso and many more.


The Latin Music Ensemble

Music from South Central America and Spain.


The Merry Vocals

Our best vocal ensemble that performs Beatles and other Classics .

Who is Welcomed

Bass players, piano players, violin, violas, cellos, trumpet players, brass instruments, drums , percussion. If you can play the instrument, come along and join our ensembles. Please call for a FREE assessment so I can place you in the most appropriate ensemble.

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Thomas Lorenzo

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