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Guitar Technique Lessons

Guitar Technique How to Develop

I suggest a simple, but effective manner for learning all melodies. It is called the L.I.S.P approach. L: Listen  I : Imagine S: Sing  ............
Guitar Improvisation Lessons

Guitar Improvisation lessons

What is improvisation? To improvise on the guitar is to create, from simple to complex, melodic and .....

Guitar Songwriting lessons

For all songwriters and performers who wish to explore through advanced harmony, the ultimate feel for a song.
What Are Your Guitar Learning Problems

 Guitar Learning Solutions

Do you fit in this profile ? Are you looking for solutions to any of the following guitar learning problems to play the guitar?
How To Play Scales On The Guitar

How to play Guitar Scales

How to play guitar scales. How hear a melody and play it. Major minor modes, pentatonic, melodic minor mode, diminished and whole tone. Be Creative, Shine.
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