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Student Password Protected Folders. Guitar students, please log on.

All private guitar students at Thomas’ Music Studio have access to their own password protected folders.

In each individual folder you will find:

  • A pdf with the all individual class outcomes
  • All mpeg recordings of in class work
  • All mp3 files, backing tracks that have been used during the student´s training
  • Charts and scores
  • Jpeg images of scales, chords , arpeggios.
  • Class timetable

Access is granted upon payment of tuition fees. All files may be downloaded and are for individual use only.

Please note that we are located in Melbourne in the Eastern Suburbs. Guitar lessons can be arranged as individual classes or group lessons. Please note that not all folders are accessible through this site and for security links are handed individually to each student similar to:

Each ensemble that is run on Saturday has its own folder where students may access recorded parts of the arrangements that are to be played.

Thank you all for an encouraging year of practice and learning for all of us.

Thomas Lorenzo

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