Spanish Guitar

Spanish guitar lessons

Spanish Guitar: Classical and Flamenco Guitar lessons and courses

All courses and levels are also designed for Spanish Guitar. Students are encouraged to use their fingers as resonators ( pluck strum)  and there fore not to use a pick hence they will engage such objective with specific techniques and repertoire.

What can you do on Spanish Guitar?

You can play classical music, Spanish music, flamenco.

You can play solo or in duo settings.

You can play contemporary music as jazz funk, blues.

How about Brazilian music?

I love all of the above.

I would love to share with you my knowledge no matter at what level you are at.  Beginners please seek the best guidance so you can quickly entertain us all with your hidden talent.

Please call me and let´s have a discussion about what I can help you achieve. May be you are unsure about what you would like to achieve. That´s just fine as I would love to hear from you 0448348701 call now or drop me an email


AMEB Classical Guitar Examinations

Students at the Creative Guitar School may follow the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB ) syllabus for  Levels 1 to 3.

Syllabus structure:

  1. Level 1 – Preliminary to Grade 4
  2. Level 2 – Grade 5 to Certificate of Performance
  3. Level 3 – Associate Diploma (AMusA) and Licentiate Diploma

Flamenco Guitar Lessons:

Guitar students may focus their learning on developing skills in Flamenco Guitar. Learn to understand and play soleá, siguiriyas, alegrías, tientos, tangos y bulerías. Students may also opt to study  through our flamenco masterclass series held in Melbourne and Sydney

Flamenco harmony

The flamenco sound primarily defines a major key that is modal in character. The flamenco mode must constantly be reminded to the…… Read more


Flamenco Styles

Flamenco encompasses over 100 different styles classified by time signature, geographical origin, folk music origin and the structure of the lyrics.

Here are a list of 35 common styles classifies in alphabetical order:

  1. Alboreá
  2. Alegrías
  3. Bulerás
  4. Cabales
  5. Caracoles
  6. Colombiana
  7. Copla andaluza
  8. Corríos
  9. Fandango
  10. Farruca
  11. Garrotín
  12. Granaína
  13. Guajira
  14. Jota flamenca
  15. Malagueña
  16. Martinete
  17. Media Granaína
  18. Mineras
  19. Petenera
  20. Rondeña
  21. Rumba
  22. Saeta
  23. Seguiriya o Siguiriya
  24. Serranas
  25. Sevillana
  26. Soleá
  27. Tango
  28. Tanguillo
  29. Taranta o Taranto
  30. Tientos
  31. Toná
  32. Trillera
  33. Verdiales
  34. Vidalita
  35. Zambra

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