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How To Choose A Nylon String Guitar?

How to choose a classical guitar?

How to choose a nylon string guitar?


Choosing the right guitar?

Either as a beginner or a professional, we always face the hard choice of choosing the right guitar for our daily needs. Here at my studio in Melbourne I will gladly help you select the right guitar for your budget and needs so as to be able to achieve the desired results we set fourth in our courses and lessons.

The Classical Guitar

Let´ s start off with some basic tips on how to choose a classical guitar which can be also referred  to as a nylon string guitar but I personally prefer flamenco guitars which have stronger attack and broader dynamics. These following tips will help you make the right choice avoiding the influence of price or brand.

45 minutes 45 minutes.

4 simple steps that can help you choose the right guitar.

  1. Select 3 guitars in your budget

    In order to make an efficient decision you must compare guitars of the same price, range and make. I would suggest to go into the guitar shop, choose the guitar that suits your budget, maybe 200 dollars to start off with and ask the attendant if you may try out three guitars, of the same price and manufacturer.Choose 3 guitars to compare

  2. Check the tuning

    First of all you should check which guitar has the best tuning.

    Once the open strings are in tune, check if the tuning is maintained all over the fingerboard.

    Play octave notes on various sections of the fingerboard and ask yourself: Do they maintain their tuning?

    Play barred chords and ask yourself: Do they sound in tune all over the fingerboard?

    Does the 12th fret harmonic note of each string coincide in an octave lower with the 12th fret pressed note of that same string?

    You will be surprised that cheap chain produced guitars may create a more efficient overall tuning than expensive ones.
     How to check the tuning on the 12th fret

  3. Timbre, dynamics and projection

    Play the three guitars and create awareness of timbre, dynamics and projection.


    Play a short phrase loud then soft, and listen to the difference.

    Play in a sweet and aggressive manner and listen to the difference.

    Try to figure out where the sound of the guitar comes from. Is it created near you or further away from you?

    Play a single high note and let it ring and ask yourself: Does the note produce vibrations in other strings? Can you hear any other higher notes that are produced at the same time?
    guitar tuning

  4. Choose

    One you have heard these variables choose the cheapest guitar that has the best overall tuning, that can sound sweeter or harsher and whose sound comes from all around you.

    You might then have just chosen a 200 dollar guitar that can sound just as good as a 1000 dollar guitar.

All these tips in action comparing two flamenco guitars

I have inserted this video and you will be able to hear and see how I compare two guitars. In this case, I am comparing two flamenco guitars but theses tips are also valid on the how to choose a classical guitar.

You can also check out some more videos I have on guitar comparisons on my you tube channel.

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