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How Will You Learn In My Beginners Guitar Courses?

Guided Guitar Group Courses Beyond YouTube

Navigating Misconceptions: Guiding Guitar Learners Beyond YouTube

The majority of my school’s students have attempted to learn from YouTube videos, often with misguided expectations about playing guitar. I conduct interviews for course enrollment, ensuring a genuine desire for teacher-led, proper learning. When asked to showcase their YouTube-learned skills, they often strum chords, claiming it’s a song. I respond, “I’m unfamiliar with the song you’re playing.

Song Identification: Groove & Performance

It’s quite challenging to identify a song by merely strumming chords—lacking tempo, start, end, or structure. A song encompasses more, not just a chord grouping.

To truly identify a song, you must grasp its melody, lyrics, groove, tempo, and structure. As a solution to the learning difficulties faced by my YouTube students, I’ve developed two intensive 10-week group guitar courses. These courses culminate in final concerts, equipping you with the essential information and skills to hear and play your preferred songs in a group setting. You’ll master performing the melody, chords with a solid groove, and have the opportunity to share your music at our concerts

Learning in My Beginner's Guitar Course

You will learn to play complete songs, including chords and melodies, by breaking down the learning process into manageable skills. Learn to identify and memorize music using my unique LISP technique. Master playing in tempo through my rhythm training exercises. Acquire pulse-related performance skills to play confidently on the guitar.

All of this will be within a musical structure, a song. You will also learn how to approach learning:

You will find enjoyment in self-evaluation and daily practice commitment. Progress tracking and goal comprehension will be aided by repetition and self-evaluation.

Furthermore, you will learn how to coordinate hearing and playing to a pulse.

Since this isn’t innate, structured guidance is essential to effectively coordinate and prevent the discouragement that comes with leaving your guitar hanging on the wall.

Beginners guitar lessons

Practical Guitar Progress

After 10 weeks of learning, you will play one song live in a group—melody, chords, and solo. After 20 weeks and around 50 hours of practice, you’ll be able to hear a song you like, figure out the melody and chords, and enjoy playing it live with fellow guitarists.

Guided Learning Beyond YouTube

Are you tired of struggling to learn guitar from YouTube? Join our intensive 10-week group courses, designed to help you truly understand songs, play with confidence, and perform live. Break misconceptions, master the melody, chords, and groove, and experience the joy of playing with others.

Also available through my online guitar academy.


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