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For Sale Flamenco Concert Guitar, Eduardo Duran Ferrer

 Premium Collectors Delight

Superior Concert Flamenco, Artisan

(Granada, Spain)

Eduardo Duran Ferrer Concierto Blanca  (New )

RRP: 8500  My price: $7999

Flamenco concert guitar Eduardo Durán Ferrer for sale

Selected by Thomas Lorenzo ( Flamenco Guitarist and Composer ) “Absolute excellence in timbre, tonal balance and projection “

Authentic Flamenco Sound

The flamenco concert guitar by Eduardo Duran Ferrer embodies the quintessential Flamenco sound of Granada, Spain. Crafted exclusively from white woods like Spruce, using meticulous handcrafting techniques, this guitar enables the guitarist to attain the desired attack, extreme dynamics, and projection essential for Flamenco interpretation.


The Ferrer guitar-making legacy traces its roots back to 1875. In the late ’70s, their unparalleled expertise garnered attention from Yamaha Guitars. Eduardo Ferrer was subsequently recruited and invited to Japan. Over a span of three years, he shared his knowledge, instructing Yamaha artisans on the intricacies of crafting and enhancing their handcrafted line of classical guitars.


The Flamenco concert guitar by Eduardo Duran Ferrer excels in projecting rich tones, particularly in the mid frequencies around 500 Hz. High-end notes resonate with brilliant overtones, enhancing the overall sound with added thickness. The low frequencies gain strength through the natural overtones generated by resonance, permeating the entirety of the guitar.

First Prize Winner

Carefully selected from the most exceptional array of Flamenco Artisan Guitars.

Casa Luthiers in Barcelona boasts the finest collection of Artisan Concert Flamenco guitars available in Spain, featuring renowned makers such as Paulino Bernabé, Ana Espinosa, Felipe Conde, Hermanos Conde, Mariano Conde, Juan Fabian, Santiago de Cecilia, Vicente Carillo, and Eduardo Durán.

Juan, the manager, meticulously curates only those guitars he believes possess the ideal tonal qualities, irrespective of the builder’s reputation. Thus, when I enter his shop, I am confident I am choosing from the best.

During my visit, I spent several days in the shop, auditioning a myriad of artisan guitars without considering brand or price. My selections were guided by richer tones, increased projection, a broader dynamic range, balance across all registers, and clarity in the interpretation of my playing. After trying all the guitars listed above, I ultimately chose the Eduardo Duran.

In-depth Selection:

After choosing the guitar, I contacted its creator, Eduardo, and requested an audition of all his similar models. This journey took me from Barcelona to Madrid, exploring four different stores. My passion for selecting exceptional guitars led me to choose this particular one, now on sale, as its qualities surpassed others: same model, same Luthier.


This guitar seamlessly blends into various music styles, including classical, jazz, folk, and flamenco. It excels in rhythmic passages and projects extreme sweetness in high registers.

Your Dream Sound

This guitar will undoubtedly elevate your live performances and recordings, ensuring your work stands out among other top models. Personally, playing this guitar allows me to convey a spectrum of emotions; the instrument seems to come to life with each new passage. You’ll relish the variety of timbres, dynamics, attack, and the authentic Flamenco sound. This guitar has the power to make your dream sound come true.


In a video, I compare this Eduardo Durán model with a Hermanos Conde handcrafted model I purchased in 2006, in Madrid, from the original Conde store located on Calle Gravina 7.


flamenco concert guitar Eduardo Durán Ferrer for sale

Flamenco Concert Guitar Eduardo Durán Ferrer

Top: German Spruce
Back and sides: Cypress
Fingerboard: Ebony
Varnish: Shellac
Scale: 657mm
Pegbox: Runner

For Sale flamenco concert guitar Eduardo Duran Ferrer

Flight Case

Included in the price is the  Hiscox Pro-GC-LL guitar case, (Valued at  $360)

  • Crush resistance rate greater than 500kg.

  • Thermal insulation protecting

  • Aluminium Valance ( almost waterproof)


  • Internal guitar case dimensions:
    Length 1028mm 40 1/2″
    Lower Bout up to 380mm 15″
    Upper Bout 279mm 11″
    Body Length 495mm 19 1/2″
    Body Depth 117mm 4 1/2 “
    Empty Weight 3.99kg 8.80lbs



Thomas Lorenzo

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