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Are Guitar Lessons Worth It?

Should I Take Guitar Lessons?

You will reach a point in your training where you will need guidance and therefore guitar lessons. A dedicated guitar teacher will help you improve quickly to achieve your musical goals.

Please consider that a guitar teacher should also help you develop the skills required to play with others. Choose guitar programs that teach you aural skills, music appreciation, composing and are focused on playing with others.

In summary guitar lessons are definitely worth the investment for the long term enjoyment.

What is the Cost of Guitar Lessons?

The cost of a guitar lesson will vary depending on your level and the skills of your guitar teacher.

The more advanced you are in your skills, the less lessons you will require and the higher the price. The less skilled you are the more lessons you will require as there will be a lot of musical area to cover so the prices will be cheaper.

I organize all my Wollongong and Sydney guitar lessons as courses, as blocks of content, that not only teach you how to play your guitar but also how to develop your necessary aural skills.

If you do not develop your aural skills you will have difficulty in moving forward. So please choose a teacher that is an experienced and a diverse musician.

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What are Guitar Lessons supposed to be Like?

Guitar lessons should be a flexible pathway where students can enjoy their learning. If you learn to play the guitar as an adult, your teacher should also introduce how a child learns the music so you may not find any missing holes in your future guitar learning.

Your guitar teacher will focus on repetition but this must be minimal to avoid mechanical movements. You will memorize music based upon sound and of course feeling good about what you do.

Your guitar lessons should help you reach achievable music goals swiftly so as to avoid frustration and achieve maximum enjoyment.

Is it Better to Take Guitar Lessons or Learn on my Own?

In your guitar learning adventure you’ll always find a balance between learning on your own or with a teacher.

At the beginners guitar level I would strongly recommend you seek the aid of a qualified guitar teacher to put you onto the right track. Once you have the foundation for moving on, you will have the necessary knowledge that will allow you to choose wisely what to learn next.

Remember music is not about scales, nor chords, nor technique alone, it is about what to do with all this knowledge and that is to play songs.

They can be on classical guitar, in a group, with a vocalist in a band, so you need to ask yourself if you are receiving the correct learning to be able to achieve your goals.

It is also important to consider that songs last a few minutes and that you should choose wisely those types of songs that will allow you to complete your goal of playing from start to finish.

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Are Online Guitar Lessons Worth It?

Online guitar lessons can be cheaper than in person with a guitar teacher. In my online guitar school the online lessons I offer are with a dedicated teacher.

I take advantage of online learning and combine it with the advantage of a teacher supervising your guitar elearning everyday and not only once a week.

My online guitar classes are designed so you can learn online the required material but you also interact with others in a group and therefore you are required to produce music that will allow you to play with others in a specific time frame.

We all know that we are all more efficient if we have goals set by others hence the school traditional learning. Online learning can be good in music but you have to make sure your guitar teacher makes you play with others.

How to practice the guitar with joy

How can this be done?

In my online courses students record songs in the cloud therefore other guitar students in the same course participate.

Online elearning does not allow, for now, efficient real time interaction but that should be happening soon.

Therefore online learning is a must and every day it is s getting more effective but never forget what music is all about, which is playing with others full songs and not only small segments of 15s seconds of music.

When to take private guitar lessons?

I would suggest private guitar lessons for those students who wish to learn quickly and have enough free time during the week to practice the guitar efficiently. Private guitar lessons are more expensive but they are definitely worthwhile to quickly enhance all your music skills as the teacher swiftly adds, corrects or modifies your learning curve to help you achieve the goals with ease and enjoyment.

In summary and in reply to the question are guitar lessons worth it,  the answer is a definite yes.

The purpose of learning to play the guitar is definitely about adding quality to your life. Music for me is how I connect with all and especially mother nature. Please read more about my music productions, releases and concerts.

Thomas Lorenzo

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