Upcoming Melbourne Concerts Thomas Lorenzo

Hello everyone
Just a quick update to  remind all my students and friends of my upcoming Melbourne Concerts. Also stay tuned for our yearly barbecue and student concert series.

Upcoming Melbourne Concerts20125 series  Making Emotions Shine

Music is the language I use  to express my emotions to achieve well being.

Music is generally categorized by style . How about if we categorize it by the emotion it produces? With this concerts series I wish to share my creative concept with my Melbourne  followers . Students will also be joining me live.


In this series of 6 concerts I will be joined by talented Melbourne musicians as Ben Roberston, Darryn Farrugia and Tamara Murphy .My goal is to expand the boundaries of flamenco expression through Jazz improvisation, contemporary dancing and collaboration with Indian music.Tickets may be reserved through my Melbourne Concerts website. On this website you may also see updates on all Melbourne upcoming concerts.

I feel very excited about showcasing traditional and contemporary flamenco. This art form has a vast array of styles. I will perform traditional solea, buleria, sevillanas and alegrias.

Contemporary flamenco incorporates extended harmony and resulting melodic enrichment.  As an example: In a traditional sense we could have a composition in a phrygian mode, with a major tonic, while in a contemporary setting the mode can enrichen the experience by alternating with mixolydian, lydian b7 and other melodic minor modes. The resulting harmonic contrast glued together by the strong constant rhythmic patterns creates an unforgettable audible experience.

I do wish to see you all here at all my upcoming Melbourne concerts

upcoming melbourne concerts

Thomas Lorenzo