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New Guitar Courses starting October

Updates on upcoming courses

  • Beginners 1 

Wednesdays at 8pm starting October 10.  Two openings left

Tuesdays at 7pm starting October . Two openings left

  • Creative Guitar 2

Mondays at 8pm starting October 8. Two openings left

  • Private lessons available slots left

Mondays at 10 am and Thursdays at 11 am

 Guitar courses

Monday and Tuesday at 7pm

Level 2
For those who have completed level one and need to work on:

  • Left and right hand technique
  • A melodic and harmonic performance understanding of
    • dynamics
    • structure
    • subdivision
    • melodic recognition
    • harmonic recognition

The objective of all learning is to play with ease songs; both chords and melodies.

You will need:

  • 30 minutes of daily practice
  • To get together with your fellow class guitarists at least four times outside class hours;  to prepare more efficiently the concerts.

Tuesday at 8pm

Level 2
For those who have completed level 1, and wish to enjoy playing a selection of songs, have time to study and produce one new song, every two weeks, both chords and melody, in triads and 7th chords.

You will need:

  • 30 minutes daily practice
  • To get together with your fellow class guitarists at least four times outside class hours;  to prepare more efficiently the concerts.

Wednesday at 7pm  

Level 3
Focusing on composing and playing your own songs.

You require knowledge of:

  • Chords in all keys
  • Two scale patterns in all keys
  • Two pentatonic patterns in all keys
  • You must have composed  a song previously
  • You must me able to play at leat two songs; melody and chords off by heart
  • Have completed pages 1 to 23 of Paul Hindemith

You need 30 minutes daily practice

Monday at 6pm

Will be dedicated exclusively to melodic and harmonic ear training. For those who would like to improve  hearing, singing melodies and writing them.

Students will also learn to read and write music.   We will use garage band to help develop melodic and harmonic skills.

September 22 , 2018 School Concert

Attention all guitar lovers

I am very excited about our upcoming major School Concert. I am proud of all of you, for your hard work and continuous dedication, to make music and the guitar, part of your daily lives.

Here it is :
Saturday September 22, 11 am
Armadale Uniting Church
86A Kooyong Rd,  Armadale VIC 3143

We will meet at 11 am and have a light lunch ( please limit cakes and chips and bring a small plate of food.  I will be there at 10 to start setting up and will need help in doing so, and also in packing up.  Please let me know who can help out?

We should start performing at 12.30 and finish by 2.00

Thomas Lorenzo Melbourne Concert Series

A quick reminder to purchase your ticket for my upcoming concerts by clicking on the link.

Upcoming Jazz Blues Flamenco Masterclass

Upcoming Jazz Blues Flamenco Masterclass



Dates: November 2017.

Read more.

Where & When?

6 masterclasses to be held at the newly renovated Kathleen Syme Library in Carlton (Multi-purpose Room 2) 251 Faraday St, Carlton VIC. FREE street parking is available in the area after 6:30 pm and the nearest paid parking is at 217 Elgin St Carlton (for $8). If you are traveling by public transport, catch the University tram and get off at Melbourne Uni.


Online Bookings

Private lessons, group  lessons, and all courses develop on topics lectured at these masterclasses.

The masterclasses are not intended to teach you how to play the guitar, but to create a thorough exposition of what you have to learn, why and how, in order to achieve the desired sound, level of expression or uniqueness.

Guitar learning is a discipline associated with drills and repetition. There is no other way of learning such and this requires time, patience and love. The masterclasses are geared towards guitar students will  strong self learning skills. The Creative guitar school is where all music comes to life through social interaction. Private lessons or group lessons target developing that knowledge, that is explained at the masterclasses, into your individual musical expression.

Learn more about the Jazz Blues Flamenco masterclasses





Students Social Club Creative Guitar School

Students Social Club Creative Guitar School

‘The desire to give our best to others ultimately brings the best out of us’

Would you join us for some fun?

We are all different, all unique. We have one guitar, or a dozen guitars. You like big sounds or small sounds…a soft acoustic breeze or a storm full of electric sounds. We can play one chord or big harmonies. Yet we all share the same passion, the same love for music. We go to the same school, but we miss each other!!

No more of this! We are now part of a social club, created by us for us. A club embracing our differences, loving our uniqueness, sharing our passion…and igniting our talent!

Playing together, jamming together, creating together, giggling together…encouraging each other.

We now exist on:

And somewhere in Victoria, where the wind blows nothing short of fine tunes!

WARNING: Any use of the word ‘we’ in this document actually refers to and includes You!

Students Social Club Creative Guitar School

Why be part of this?

Wrong question! ‘Why not?’ is the right question. But if you insist, the answer is because we will;

  • have access to each other
  • have stronger purpose in our guitar learning,and above all
  • because it’s fun!

How does it work?

Well, pretty simple. Join the facebook page, subscribe to the youtube channel and follow the instagram account!

From there, we all get to participate, comment, ask questions and share the fun.

Students Social Club Creative Guitar School

What on earth will we be up to?

  • Team up with each other to jam on our favourite songs
  • Share videos of our latest team projects on social media (something to be proud of!)
  • Ask each other questions and bounce ideas (well hey, we’ve got each others’ back!)

Who is this really for?

Every student of the Creative Guitar School…Really, no kidding!

We are all coming together to support each other and make friends both virtually and for real!

Oh…Did we mention that this was going to be fun?!