Hermanos Conde 2006 Flamenco Guitar (signed)

$5,300.00 $4,630.00

Hermanos Conde 2006 Flamenco Guitar ( Signed by Conde)
Madrid, Spain, Gravina 7 (Signature Workshop)




Hermanos Conde 2006 Flamenco Guitar (Signed by Conde) Madrid, Spain, Gravina 7 (Original Trademark Workshop)


The Famed Conde Flamenco Sound

This guitar is a true representation of the Conde Flamenco sound. Artists as: Leonard Cohen, Paco de Lucía, or Bob Dylan, have acquired their Conde guitars from this shop.

Selection process

I bought this guitar in the year 2006, while I was living in Barcelona, Spain.

I travelled to Madrid; where there were three guitar shops related to Conde Hermanos. All three were constructing guitars in the original tradition. There fore, I choose to go to the original workshop shop, where all the present also famed luthiers, as Faustina and Mariano Conde, descendants of the dynasty, had developed their trade.

I spent a full day with Faustino´s Conde widow. She carefuly took me through all the last guitars they had on sale in their historical shop.

“I choose the best”

I tried all the Hermanos Condes Guitars they had on sale. And as I always do, with out considering price!  At the end of the day, I choose this one, so I now must find a careful new owner for it. That will enjoy it´s sound,  play  the guitar to keep it vibrant; to maintain this pure representation of flamenco tradition.

I choose this guitar because it had the best projection, attack, sustain and overall extremely balanced harmonic spectrum.

“The sound would just surround me in all directions. I felt that the music was really emanating from my body.”

Used Guitar

  • Yes the guitar is used, (a lot, as I have recorded over 15 albums with it )
  • Yes there are scratches and dents. Consequence of years of playing. Remember, the sound only can get better by playing the guitar. The more you play, the more unique it becomes.
  • Cracks. Yes it cracked once and now it is repaired. See pictures. The guitar was refurbished and  repaired in Barcelona in 2017 by Luthiers Jean Pierre Sardin 

Are cracks normal ?
Totally.  Flamenco Guitars can and will crack. Changes in humidity, pressure can affect the wood. This is what happens when you travel and play the guitar professionally.

Does this affect the sound?
Yes it can. In this case it did not, as the small crack appeared on the side and the Luthier took care of it almost immediately.

You can find Hermanos Conde Guitars in better visual conditions, but not any that will sound better in this price range. I know because I have tried dozens.

Buy PayPal:   $4630
Regular postage included only for Australia
( Includes Flight Case Pro 11 GC LL: valued at  $360)

Book a Skype session or call me to try it out: 0448348701

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About the Conde family

Domingo Esteso founded the Conde dynasty in Madrid in 1915.

When Esteso died in 1937, his nephews Mariano Conde Sr., Faustino Conde and Julio Conde ,who were trained by their uncle, continued working for their aunt under the name of “Viuda y Sobrinos de Esteso” until 1960. Julio Conde opened his own workshop in “Calle Atocha 53”  in the early 1950’s.

Mariano Conde Sr. and Faustino Conde took over Esteso’s workshop from 1960 until 1988/1989 and changed their brand name to “Sobrinos de Domingo Esteso Conde Hermanos” or “Hermanos Conde Sobrinos de Domingo Esteso”.



Domingo Esteso at the door of the workshop Calle Gravina 7, (1930s ?)


The dynasty continues with Faustino and Mariano Conde. (1970=


This guitar has a “Media Luna” headstock and one of the exclusive traditional rosette designs.The guitar is made from highest quality tone-woods that have matured for several decades.
The tuning machines are made by Fustero.

  • Luthier: Conde Hermanos, Calle Gravina 7  ( orginal store)
  • Construction year: 2006
  • Finish: Laque
  • Top: Spruce
  • Back and sides: Cypress
  • Scale: 665 mm
  • Nut: 52 mm

Flight Case

Included in the price is the  Hiscox Pro-GC-LL guitar case, (Valued at  $360)

  • Crush resistance rate greater than 500kg.
  • Thermal insulation protecting
  • Aluminium Valance ( almost waterproof)
  • Internal guitar case dimensions:
    Length 1028mm 40 1/2″
    Lower Bout up to 380mm 15″
    Upper Bout 279mm 11″
    Body Length 495mm 19 1/2″
    Body Depth 117mm 4 1/2 “
    Empty Weight 3.99kg 8.80lbs

Buy PayPal:  $4630
Regular postage included only for Australia
( Includes Flight Case Pro 11 GC LL: valued at  $360)

Book a Skype session or call me to try it out: 0448348701

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