Flamenco Classical Guitar Eduardo Duran Ferrer

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Premium Collectors Delight Superior Concert Flamenco, Artisan

(Granada, Spain)

Eduardo Duran Ferrer Concierto Blanca  (New )

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 Premium Collectors Delight

Superior Concert Flamenco, Artisan

(Granada, Spain)

Eduardo Duran Ferrer Concierto Blanca  (New )

RRP: 8500  My price: $7999

Flamenco concert guitar Eduardo Durán Ferrer for sale


Selected by Thomas Lorenzo ( Flamenco Guitarist and Composer ) “Absolute excellence in timbre, tonal balance and projection “

Buy PayPal:  $7999
Regular postage included only for Australia
( Includes Flight Case Pro 11 GCL-L; valued at  $360)

 Call me: Book a free audition 0448348701. If you cannot make it to my home studio in Melbourne, let´s have a chat over Skype, so you can hear the guitar, play it,  and compare with other leading guitars I have in my personal collection.

Authentic Flamenco Sound

This guitar represents the traditional Flamenco sound, from Granada, Spain. Only with white guitars, made of Spruce or similar,  and handcrafted in this manner, can a guitarist achieve the desired attack, extreme dynamics and projection required for Flamenco interpretation.


The Ferrer guitar makers have been around since 1875.  In the late 70s,  their expertise was sought after by Yamaha Guitars . Eduardo Ferrer was hired and invited to Japan; during three years he taught Yamaha artisans  how to make and improve their handcrafted line of classical guitars.


This unique guitar projects extremely well in the mid frequencies; around 500 hz. All high end notes have brilliant sounding overtones; adding thickness to the overall sound. The low frequency is reinforced by the natural overtones emanating by resonance, throughout the guitar.

First prize winner

Hand picked from the finest selection of Flamenco Artisan Guitars.

Casa Luthiers in Barcelona stocks the finest selection of Artisan Concert Flamenco guitars for sale you can find in Spain: Paulino Bernabé, Ana Espinosa, Felipe Conde , Hermanos Conde, Mariano Conde, Juan Fabian, Santiago de Cecilia, Vicente Carillo and Eduardo Durán

Juan, the manager, only accepts those guitars he believes sound right no matter how reputed the constructor is. So when I go into his shop I know I have the best to chose from.

Selected by spectrum, projection, dynamic range , balance , harmonic and melodic clarity. 

Once in his shop, I sat down for a few days and tried out all the artisan guitars without asking brand or price. I made selections based upon which offered a richer tone, more projection, a larger dynamic range, a balance in all registers and clarity in perception of what I played. I tried all the guitars listed above and chose the Eduardo Duran

In depth selection.
Once I had selected the guitar, I called its creator, Eduardo,  and asked him to audition all his similar models. This took me from Barcelona to Madrid and through 4 stores . I just love picking good guitars. I chooses this one, on sale,  as its qualities were superior to the other: same model, same Luthier.


This guitar blends well in all styles of music; from classical, jazz, folk and flamenco. It works extremely well in rhythmic passages and can projects with extreme sweetness in high registers.

Buy :  $7999
Regular postage included only for Australia
( Includes Flight Case Pro 11 GC LL; valued at  $360)

 Call me: Book a free audition 0448348701

Your dream sound

This guitar will definitely add distinction to your live performances and recordings. Your work will ultimately stand out more than with other top model guitars.

Personally, when I play this guitar,  I enjoy been able to portray more emotions; the instrument seems to come to life with each new passage.  You will enjoy the variety of timbres, the dynamics , the attack and the authentic Flamenco sound.

This guitar will make your dream sound come true.



flamenco concert guitar Eduardo Durán Ferrer for sale

Flamenco Concert Guitar Eduardo Durán Ferrer

Top: German Spruce
Back and sides: Cypress
Fingerboard: Ebony
Varnish: Shellac
Scale: 657mm
Pegbox: Runner


For Sale flamenco concert guitar Eduardo Duran Ferrer

Flight Case

Included in the price is the  Hiscox Pro-GC-LL guitar case, (Valued at  $360)

  • Crush resistance rate greater than 500kg.
  • Thermal insulation protecting
  • Aluminium Valance ( almost waterproof)
  • Internal guitar case dimensions:
    Length 1028mm 40 1/2″
    Lower Bout up to 380mm 15″
    Upper Bout 279mm 11″
    Body Length 495mm 19 1/2″
    Body Depth 117mm 4 1/2 “
    Empty Weight 3.99kg 8.80lbs

Buy PayPal:  $7999
Regular postage included only for Australia
( Includes Flight Case Pro 11 GC LL: valued at  $360)


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