Are we all musically gifted ?

 Are we all musically gifted ?

This morning I was having a coffee, at a bar on High street, here in Melbourne, next to my Creative Guitar school. I was having lovely conversation, with a fellow customer, who stated that only those who had the gift of music could play guitar.

This comment made me very sad as I believe we all have the right to explore our need of self expression through an instrument as the guitar. I also believe, that we not only have the the right, but the obligation to do so.

Music learning, or learning to play the guitar, is a skill we all have. If you have the need to develop i,t please do so.

There are no short cuts in learning how to play the guitar. The student requires to follow a discipline, to achieve a learning, that will allow them to play their favourite songs, in a manner that they will feel good about.

Guitar musically gifted

All levels

The Creative guitar school welcomes all levels of learners, who wish to start their adventure of guitar learning, or who wish to broaden their boundaries, and further develop their talent. I believe we are all musically gifted.

All groups and guitar lessons are currently booked until October 10. I have a waiting list available, for group lessons that will be scheduled on Wednesdays from:

  • 6 to 7 pm level 1
  • 7 to 8 pm level 2
  • 8 to 9 pm level 3

You may read specifics, of each guitar level, though these links. You may also read about prices and conditions through this other link.


Upcoming Concerts

I would also like to post about my next major upcoming Melbourne, flamenco and jazz, concert. It will be held at the Armadale Uniting Church on August 26 at 7 pm. You are all welcomed to join us in an evening of  celebrating music from the heart.

I have been a busy bee these last few months and I have 3 new guitar compositions. They feel just great, and I would love you all, to take a peak, and listen to them on my website .

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