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Guitar learning in school environment. Group lessons

Upcoming Group Guitar Courses level one

Upcoming Group Guitar Courses: Level one and two

New  group guitar courses will be starting October 17 and 18.


These upcoming group guitar courses are facilitated for groups of three or four students. Students will require at least 30 minutes of daily practice to keep up with the guitar course content and the rest of the group. All classes are recorded on video so students may access the guitar class from home.

Group guitar lessons are an enjoyable manner of improving our guitar skills. Students learn in a social setting, interacting which each other.

Soon we will have our regular barbecue and all groups will have a chance to perform a song for the roaring cloud .

Upcoming Group Guitar Courses



Please send me an email to  or call me on 0448348701

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Upcoming Melbourne Concerts

I would like to invite you all to two events that I am really looking forward to:

October 19,  8.30 pm , Paris Cat Jazz Club.
Thomas Lorenzo Trio. Flamenco and Jazz.
Thomas Lorenzo: Spanish and Electric Guitar. Darryn Farrugia:Drums) Tamara Murphy: Bass

November 25, 8 pm. Thomas Lorenzo live in Melbourne at the Armadale Uniting Church. For more info, pictures, videos, reviews please go to my Melbourne Concerts website.

I am currently in Spain recording my new album and some of the tunes  will be showcased that evening. I am looking forward to seeing you all.

New Releases

Please take a peak at my latest Spanish guitar release.

I would like to invite you to enjoy all my past guitar world music, flamenco, jazz, funk, latin releases on my website

Advantages of guitar group lessons

.Advantages of guitar group lessons

Group guitar courses can be fun. You will enjoy the benefits of learning music but in a social setting, which is what music is all about. You will be able to compare your learning progress with others.

guitar group lessons

Guitar learning can be frustrating at times. Music is a discipline that requires repetition and patience. We all have different learning speeds therefore it is rewarding to see how others learn, in order to feel that we are not alone.

The school organizes guitar group lessons as 10 week courses. The current price is of $ 315 . In each class we have up to 4 students. If a student misses a class, they may follow up what was taught by viewing a video of the lesson, which can be found in a common folder for the group, in our google drive and drop box.

Beginners Guitar

Beginners take more advantage from group lessons than advanced students. It is hard for an advanced student to fit into a specific level, as their musical knowledge might encompass needs from different levels. Therefore, I would recommend private lessons for advanced students. Please review all guitar lesson levels through this link.

I would also like to invite you all to my next series of Melbourne Concerts. Please follow the link for videos, Thomas Lorenzo Cds, Melbourne concert ticket sales, and Melbourne concert reviews. If you are interested in my music books on arranging and orchestration,  please follow this link.

At present all guitar courses are fully booked until October 10th.  Please sign up early to get in and send me an email so I can get you on to a waiting list.

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I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Melbourne guitar group lessons

Upcoming guitar courses, Concerts, CDs

 Upcoming guitar courses

Level one and two group sessions will be commencing  in three weeks time on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 6pm.  Slots are filled up on an ongoing basis. All students must undergo an interview before acceptance into group lessons.  Please contact me as soon as possible to reserve your slot.

 Upcoming Melbourne Concerts

upcoming guitra courses concerts and cds

Mediterranean Flamenco Jazz  with  Thomas Lorenzo Trio: Conversations

  • Thomas Lorenzo: Composer, Guitars
  • Darryn Farrugia: Drums
  • Tamara Murphy: Upright Bass

Date : WEDNESDAY MAY25TH , 8.30 pm, Where: Melbourne, Paris Cat Jazz Club, 6 Goldie Place,  Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Tickets: $20

Reviews Last Melbourne Concert reviews April 29th at the Armadale Uniting Church

“First experience to this interesting and entertaining style”. Chester Alvarez

“Your concert was exhilarating music from the soul”. Natalie and Piera Mastrangelo

“It was interesting since I have never been for one like this” . Shaun

Why do you perform a wide range of styles?

“I am an urban musician that has lived and devoured Australian diversified, culture due to immigration. I have also absorbed Spanish diversified cultural heritage that is a result of communities evolving independently in small geographical areas.

I have been all my life bombarded with an array ofcultures and their music.  The musical tools a performer or composer use are the same for all styles . What changes is only how we use them. If a musician has a clear understanding of the basic tools of melody, harmony and rhythm, then the how to apply them is only a short matter of time, and of course hard work.”

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More by Thomas Lorenzo

Note: My major Melbourne concert dates can be found by clicking on this link

A bit more information on the performers of the May 25th concert



Thomas has released five solo instrumental albums in contemporary Jazz, Blues and Flamenco styles. His latest release Spanish Breeze debuted at #36 on the Top 50 Jazz Week World Music Album Charts in 2010 and was #32 on the College Music Journal Jazz Chart. The album features Grammy nominee Alphonso Johnson (Weather Report, Grateful Dead) on Bass, Dave Garfield (George Benson) on Keys, and Walfredo Reyes (Santana) on Drums, and was produced by Grammy nominee Bruce Sugar (Ringo Starr).

Today Thomas continues to be an active composer and performer, touring his album and playing regular jazz gigs and concerts (video below of Thomas Lorenzo’s Trio playing ‘Wes Montgomery’s Four On Six’ at the Paris Cat in Melbourne).
Darryn Farrugia: Melbourne based drummer Darryn Farrugia. Darryn has played behind artists as Tom Jones, The Commodores,Joe Cocker, Michael Feinstein, Ray Davies (the Kinks), Ernie Watts, B.B. King,Bonnie Raitt and many more.

Tamara Murphy: versatile bassist and composer,performs regularly with many leading contemporary jazz and pop musicians inAustralia: Allan Browne, Andrea Keller, Stephen Magnusson, George Coleman Jr.,Grace Knight. Her works, Big Creatures and Little Creatures, received nomination for the The Age Genre M.

New guitar group courses and concerts

Creative Guitar School News

Please note that new guitar group courses will be starting the week of April 17th. There is one slot left for level 1, Mondays at 7pm, and two slots left for level 3 on Wednesdays at 8pm.

Lately I am receiving emails asking me about what a student learns in beginners level in guitar group courses. The information can be found here on this Melbourne Creative Guitar School Link.

My main goal, in all classes and courses, is to make sure students have fun with new knowledge. This process will allow them to play the songs they like, how they like and get them playing music for the rest of their lives.

At the Creative Guitar School there are 6 levels of learning. These are the specifics of the learning at  Level 1:

The student upon completion of Level 1 will be able to:

  • Strum in subdivision following a tempo and create intensity throughout the accompaniment.
  • Play a full diatonic melody in one scale at a solid tempo – (Verse Chorus)
  • Play along with a recording
  • Analise the structure of choice of a song identifying; verse, chorus, introduction and endings
  • Read with numbers a melody
  • Read notes in the first position
  • Play scales with articulation: soft, loud and accents
  • Play triads in open position creating bass lines and generating symmetries
  • Plays scales in various keys. They will also understand and produce the chords generated
  • Tune without a metronome
  • Transcribe a simple melody
  • Write an 8 bar melody with numbers and harmonise it

All levels are available for students that study privately or in guitar group courses.

Melbourne Concerts

Just a quick reminder to let all my guitar students know they receive a 10% discount on tickets for my upcoming shows at the:

Concert Location

Armadale Uniting Church
86A Kooyong Road, Armadale VIC 3143
(03) 9509 8958

 Book Full Melbourne Guitar Concerts Thomas Lorenzo  2016

At these Melbourne concerts I will be performing with my nylon string, Spanish guitar, compositions from my new album that will be released this year. My objective as a composer is to express emotions that make me feel good. The style chosen is just the carrier of the emotion.  I consider my self to be a  jazz musician as I define jazz as creative self expression on any given composition. The style of jazz  I choose will depend on the composition and personal mood. Please join us for a refreshing evening.

guitar group courses

You tube subscription Thomas Lorenzo, Composer Guitarist

Libros de musica: El arreglo un puzzle de expresion musical

Thomas Lorenzo CD sales and downloads

Melbourne Acoustic Duo: Songful Jazz Pop

Student guitar compositions arrangements

Student guitar compositions

All students are encouraged to compose as a method of increasing the speed of their learning. It is fun and stimulating to hear how your thoughts come to life through music. Students write songs at all levels at the creative guitar school.

student guitar compositions

I consider music learning to be similar to learning a language. We only make sense of what we know if we are able to communicate with others our thoughts. That is why we write essays at school. A composition is a sort of an essay. It allows us to structure our expression and there for further understand that of others.

These are some of my beginner student guitar  compositions that I would like to share with you.

It just feels great to see how students, in only 10 weeks, from scratch, are able to play and compose their own songs. Students smile and smile. I love  it.

This song was composed by a young girl of 12. I find it very pleasing and fresh

A guitarist can be very creative at all levels of playing ether as a soloist or as part of the rhythm section. Frankly,  it can become quite boring  to recite only music written by others. When we play, we must make the music ours. That is the advantage of understanding through the guitar how music works:  tempo, harmonic  structures, phrasing , motif development. The more we understand what we are playing,  the more we can modify the music, to suit our way of feeling and thinking and as a consequence, the more fun we will have. We can have as much fun as the most talented artist with our limitations and virtues.

I would like to invite guests to read through all my courses, and learn the advantages of studying music and guitar, in a manner where self expression, creativity and consequent well being,  are the goals at all times.

Please all visit my website for new on my latest Melbourne Concerts and masterclasses

Please all visit my website where my music is categorized by emotions. Thomas Lorenzo

Thomas Lorenzo on You Tube






Musical Barbecue: Great performances and paellas

Musical Barbecue

On June 29th the Creative Guitar School hosted it´s annual Musical Barbecue. We devoured Paella, sausages, noodles, tortillas, and tasty food from Sri Lanka, Vietnam,  Hong Kong, Spain and Venezuela. The event finalized with a concert where students performed in a supportive and friendly atmosphere.

Jazz, funk, flamenco, classic rock, and contemporary pop were some of the main musical styles staged at our evening concert.

It is my guitar school mission to make sure all  students get to feel the pleasure of performing live , either their own music or that of others, in a supportive friendly environment.

Live music is a fun social experience and we all deserve to have fun especially after a year of hard work putting together our repertoire. I must insist that if you like to play, you will play and will have fun. Of course we must not forget another explosive highlight of the day where 40 guitar lovers with music as a common need share a table full of home cooked meals.

Thank you everyone for making this day so special. We must all get ready for our next summer show. Students will team up in duos and trios  and fill the air will wonderful music once again. I will make sure their is plenty of paella to keep our creative inspiration going for hours on end.

Please check out:

All new courses that are opening up

My next Melbourne Concerts

Audition process for the the World Music Ensemble





Next Available Courses

Next Available Courses

Beginners Group Level 1

  • Course start date: July 1st at 8pm
  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Notes: Two slots left
  • Price: $315
  • Conditions. No previous music knowledge required. Students will undergo an interview to assess learning skills.

Read more:

Flamenco Advanced Group Level 5

  • Course start date: July 2nd at 6pm
  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Notes: Three slots left
  • Price: $395
  • Required Skills: Knowledge of major scales, arpeggios, 7th chords, diatonic non diatonic harmony, fluent left and right hand technique, efficient reading skills.
  • Conditions: Students will undergo an audition to assess skills.

World Music Ensemble.

  • Auditions open for bass player. Saturdays at 12 pm. Read more

Learn to play guitar riffs. Level 3

  • Course start date: July 2nd at 7pm
  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Notes: two slots left
  • Price: $315
  • Required Skills:Fluency with pentatonic scales, bar chords and power chords.


Guitar School Price and General Conditions

Guitar School Location

Creativity is the road to self expression and consequent well being. In order to be creative we require the knowledge and skills that will allow us to explore our inner voice. The Creative Guitar School will guide you to achieve a pleasant satisfying learning trajectory.

Pick up your guitar and start playing now. Fill the air with your inner excitement and joy of life.

Melbourne Concerts

Please also visit my Thomas Lorenzo Melbourne Concerts site. I am hosting a World Music series of 6 concerts where Flamenco will interact with music styles reflection of our extreme cultural diversity.

Guitar Concerts Melbourne. Students Live at Franskton Performance Centre

Guitar Concerts Melbourne

Thomas Lorenzo. Composer, Producer, Guitarist

Please view the short video of my latest guitar concert around Melbourne. Live at the Frankston Performance Centre this year:



Performers include students from my Creative Guitar School in Melbourne.

My music school caters for guitar lessons for beginners to advanced guitar students. We are located in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs. In the video you will hear my performance with my nylon string guitar, a Flamenco Guitar crafted by Hermanos Conde. This flamenco guitar is hand made. I personally selected the guitar at his workshop in Madrid, Spain. I remember spending more than two days in the shop trying out all the guitars he had available. They all had their special nuances. I finally selected the one you hear in the video because of its amazing capability to project the sound towards an audience. The resulting spectrum occurs from vibrations throughout the guitar and not only from the sound hole area. This results in clarity of sound in the amplification process where the guitar may be easily heard without the need of equalization. The Spanish Guitar is a versatile instrument on which you can play almost all styles of music. I personally enjoy acoustic music in small formats where the resulting sound is more a consequence of natural relative volume than amplification.


Creative Guitar School

At the Creative Guitar School students learn how to play the guitar. However, in order to express emotions and feel good about what we accomplish, all guitar students will learn to understand music as a language and how this language is conveyed through the guitar. The resulting sound and experience may be that of well-being. I urge you to be patient in your learning. Frustration can quickly sink in and abort much desired goals to feel more joy in our lives. Please feel welcome to visit my website or call me. I would love to hear from you and learn about your goals as a musician and as a guitarist here in Melbourne, no matter what style of music you wish to pursue.

I encourage my students to perform live at my Guitar Concerts in Melboourne.

More concerts

Paris Cat Melbourne

This year 2015 I have been performing regularly at the Paris Cat Jazz Club in Melbourne

Located on:

6 Goldie Place, Melbourne VIC 3000

(03) 9642 4711

Melbourne Concert thomas lorenzo

During my years as a guitarist I have encountered the need to broaden my array of expression. The electric guitar allows a more lyrical approach to phrasing than the nylon string guitar. The electric guitar produces a timbre with a a longer sustain than that of the nylon string.

When the Spanish guitar is played alongside drums bass or piano it is easily buried in the background of the music. This can at a first glance be solved by amplifying the guitar but this never tends to work well.

The nylon string guitars plays short notes that need to be accompanied by staccato sounds like wood percussion or string plucked instruments. Drums will bury the guitar as cymbals, snares and kick drums can produce longer tones than those of the guitar.

At the Paris Cat I perform with electric guitar. I am accompanied on drums by Darryn Farrugia and on Upright bass by Tamara Murphy. The result is that of musical magic. We have played on May 14 th July 9th and are scheduled for our next performance on September 3rd.

I strongly recommend our live concerts where the guitar is the solo instrument and where I devote the concert to playing jazz, funk, blues , pop and latin music with a, electric lyrical approach.



Best way to learn guitar: What does a beginner guitar student really learn in their first course ?

Best way to learn guitar

Best way to learn guitarIt is my educational objective to make sure all guitar students in our lessons engage in educational outcomes that will allow them to enjoy music as they understand, create and reproduce what they hear and like.

How is this accomplished with new arrivals and beginners at our Guitar School?

The best way to learn guitar is to reproduce in class the real life musical context. We do not play segments of songs but we play full songs.   We play full songs by understanding tempo, song structure, chords, melody and accompaniment. At first we might not be able to play complex phrases or rhythms but from lesson one we will always be able to play a full song in a simple manner that makes us feel good and where music is constantly happening..

In a 10 week beginners guitar course all students will learn to:

  • Strum in subdivision following a tempo and create intensity throughout the accompaniment

  • Play a full diatonic melody in one scale at a solid tempo – (Verse Chorus)

  • Play along with a recording

  • Analyse the structure of choice of a song identifying: verse, chorus, introduction and endings.

  • Read with numbers a melody

  • Read notes in the first position

  • Read and write rhythms: Pages 1 to 10 a Paul Hindemith

  • Play scales with articulation: soft loud and accents

  • Play triads in open position creating bass lines and generating symmetries

  • Plays scales in various keys and the chords generated

  • Tune without a metronome

  • Transcribe a simple melody

  • Write an 8 bar melody with numbers

  • Explore the modes in major scale

 All above topics create a solid foundation of a course that proves to be the best way to learn guitar if you wish to play with others and understand what music is all about.

Further viewing

Click to view instructional videos on guitar riffs

Black Pearl Recording Studios Visited by Creative Guitar School

The Creative Guitar School Visits Black Pearl Recording Studios in Moorabin.

An educational experience allowing guitar students to explore music studio production, tracking, overdubbing mixing and mastering.

Music recording is an artificial process that allows musicians and guitarists to deliver music to their audiences in a consumable format, as CD or mp3.

Guitar students learnt:

  • How to record to achieve the desired emotional impact in the listener.
  • Why do we need an overdub session.
  • When should we correct mistakes.
  • What is sound production.
  • How to establish sound production goals in our mix.

Black Pearl Studios is a state of the art complex featuring a 72 channel SSL 4000 E series console with a G+ computer. The studio has a collection of over 350 microphones, more than 130 top quality guitars , 350 vintage boutique pedals, and much more.

Black Pearl Recording Studios Creative Guitar school Black Pearl Recording Studios Creative Guitar school VisitFor further info please visit : Black Pearl Recording Studios



Music Workshops ( Melbourne ): Guitars, Vocals and Percussion

Creative Music Workshops ( Melbourne)

Targeting well-being through social interaction and self-expression in structured, creative music workshops. In two hours we will create, in a group performance, a composition using vocals, percussion and instruments. Participants will take home a video with studio quality audio of our final performance of the music workshops.

Musical Skills required: None
Limited spaces: 10 dollars registration fee.
Date: October 15th  and 22nd
Time: 5 till 7pm
Organisation: Thomas Lorenzo, TOORAK UNITING CHURCH


Kinross Arts and Spirituality Centre
603 Toorak Road, Toorak
Victoria, Australia, 3142

Facilitated by; Thomas Lorenzo: composer, producer and music theorist. Ex-Lecturer Paul Mc Cartney College of Music. LIPA: UK . Director of Creative Guitar School, Melbourne

Extended  Information:

Outcome: To record a group composition on video and audio using body percussion, vocals, instruments, guitars -if applicable-, based on diatonic motif development.
Skills to be developed:

• Short and long memory
• Coordination
• Communication
• Team work

Music Workshops Melbourne

 The benefits: Participants will develop in these music workshops their understanding of artistic processes and contributions to the development of the aesthetic, cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains. In other words, they will have a good time, they will create music, they will express themselves, and they will work in a team situation to achieve a group outcome.

Guitar teacher | Be unique |Melbourne

Guitar TeacherA Guitar teacher should inspire your uniqueness

When I play the guitar, I like to feel as if I was writing a song.

In flamenco, rock, jazz, funk, Brazilian styles, and no matter at what level, we are constantly creating melodies and rhythms. We are creating songs in a song.

At Thomas’ music studio we teach guitar students how to create memorable melodies, use counterpoint effectively in song construction, develop melodic ideas, and incorporate melodies across chords into different song sections.

In other words, as a guitar teacher I will try to inspire their uniqueness in their solos and accompaniments. A guitar player can do more than scratch a chord, play a melody or a solo. We should make all our playing sound as if we were creating a composition. Let me show you how to tap into what you will find natural and easy.

Let me help you as a guitar teacher express yourself and learn to play the music you love.