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What do you need to know to improvise in Jazz

What do you need to know to improvise in Jazz ?

At the creative Guitar school we offer monthly workshops in Jazz , Blues and Flamenco Guitar

What will you learn in my Jazz Guitar workshops

Jazz Guitar

  • To master what you need to know to improvise and play jazz the way you would like to
  • To identify your weaknesses and strengths so as to develop what your naturally good at
  • To choose your path of learning to achieve your goals in the shortest period of time
  • To learn what goes through the mind of your top world jazz artists when they play and how you can do the same from the start
  • To learn how to turn the whole interpretation of a jazz song into an unforgettable new song
  • To learn how to tell a story with your improvisation and never run out of ideas of what to do

What specific knowledge will be presented to all jazz guitar students

  1. How to memorise a chart and why
  2. What are the minimum chords and scales required to know all over the fingerboard and why
  3. How to practice scales and why
  4. How to reach a climax in your playing and why
  5. How to play chords and define them in your unique manner
  6. How to identify what is your unique timbre , how to develop it and why
  7. How to be creative and why
  8. How to transcribe a solo and why

Jazz 2

  1. How to sound contemporary versus classical in your playing and why
  2. Lyrical soloing versus chord soloing and why
  3. Chordal soling versus non chordal soloing and why
  4. Pentatonic soloing over chord progressions and why
  5. How to add the blues touch to a jazz standard
  6. How to alter the harmony of the existing composition and why
  7. How to harmonise a melody with chords
  8. Stretching time and playing behind the time

Please feel free to call me or send me an email to make an inquiry on dates,  location, methods of booking  and prices of our monthly workshops in jazz , flamenco and blues guitar.

Creative guitar accompaniment

Dear Friends.

I would like to invite you to view the first of my online tutorials that will share with you my insights on how to create an develop a creative guitar accompaniment  in contemporary music.

I state a possible method that allows the guitarist, pianist or bass player to develop his accompaniment in a manner where uniqueness will be heard in a clear manner in the overall mix.

This approach allows instruments in the background of an arrangement to be heard at a subjective higher volume. Your lines will stand out naturally adding groove, intensity and excitement to the overall arrangement.

All these tips are an example of the methodology we engage our guitar students upon at Thomas’ Music Studio located in Melbourne, Eastern Suburbs.

Learning should be a simple enjoyable experience that quickly must allow to express yourself and feel good about what you do.

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Guitar teacher | Be unique |Melbourne

Guitar TeacherA Guitar teacher should inspire your uniqueness

When I play the guitar, I like to feel as if I was writing a song.

In flamenco, rock, jazz, funk, Brazilian styles, and no matter at what level, we are constantly creating melodies and rhythms. We are creating songs in a song.

At Thomas’ music studio we teach guitar students how to create memorable melodies, use counterpoint effectively in song construction, develop melodic ideas, and incorporate melodies across chords into different song sections.

In other words, as a guitar teacher I will try to inspire their uniqueness in their solos and accompaniments. A guitar player can do more than scratch a chord, play a melody or a solo. We should make all our playing sound as if we were creating a composition. Let me show you how to tap into what you will find natural and easy.

Let me help you as a guitar teacher express yourself and learn to play the music you love.

how to choose A classical guitar?

How to choose a nylon string guitar?

Choosing the right guitar?

Either as a beginner or a professional, we always face the hard choice of choosing the right guitar for our daily needs. Here at my studio in Melbourne I will gladly help you select the right guitar for your budget and needs so as to be able to achieve the desired results we set fourth in our courses and lessons.

The Classical Guitar

Let´ s start off with some basic tips on how to choose a classical guitar which can be also referred  to as a nylon string guitar but I personally prefer flamenco guitars which have stronger attack and broader dynamics. These following tips will help you make the right choice avoiding the influence of price or brand.

  1. Select 3 guitars in your budget

    In order to make an efficient decision you must compare guitars of the same price, range and make. I would suggest to go into the guitar shop, choose the guitar that suits your budget, maybe 200 dollars to start off with and ask the attendant if you may try out three guitars, of the same price and manufacturer.

  2. Check the tuning

    First of all you should check which guitar has the best tuning.

    Once the open strings are in tune, check if the tuning is maintained all over the fingerboard.

    Play octave notes on various sections of the fingerboard and ask yourself: Do they maintain their tuning ?

    Play barred chords and ask yourself: Do they sound in tune all over the fingerboard?

    Does the 12th fret harmonic note of each string coincide in an octave lower with the 12th fret pressed note of that same string?

    You will be surprised that cheap chain produced guitars may create a more efficient overall tuning than expensive ones.

  3. Timbre, dynamics and projection

    Play the three guitars and create awareness of timbre, dynamics and projection.


    Play a short phrase loud then soft, and listen to the difference.

    Play in a sweet and aggressive manner and listen to the difference.

    Try to figure out where the sound of the guitar comes from. Is it created near you or further away from you?

    Play a single high note and let it ring and ask yourself: Does the note produce vibrations in other strings? Can you hear any other higher notes that are produced at the same time?

  4. Choose

    One you have heard these variables choose the cheapest guitar that has the best overall tuning, that can sound sweeter or harsher and whose sound comes from all around you.

    You might then have just chosen a 200 dollar guitar that can sound just as good as a 1000 dollar guitar.

All these tips in action comparing two flamenco guitars

I have inserted this video and you will be able to hear and see how I compare two guitars. In this case, I am comparing two flamenco guitars but theses tips are also valid on the how to choose a classical guitar.

You can also check out some more videos I have on guitar comparisons on my you tube channel.