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How Will You Learn In My Beginners Guitar Courses?

Are you tired of trying to learn to play the guitar with youtube videos?

Most of the students that come to my school have tried to learn through youtube videos and they come with a preconception of what it means to play the guitar that is totally, let’s put it politely, heartbreaking.

I interview all students for my courses and beginners guitar lessons before actually accepting them, as I want to make sure they are eager to learn with a teacher, and are eager to learn correctly.

So I ask them to play what they have learnt on YouTube, and generally they say I have learnt this song and they strum some chords. And I always have to say, “ I have no idea what song you are trying to play”.


It is very hard to identify a song by just strumming some chords, with no tempo, no beginning no end, no structure. A song is not just a group of chords, there is much more to it?

To identify the song you need to hear the melody, the lyrics, with a groove in tempo and with a structure. So as a solution to all my youtube students and their learning problems, I have created 2 intensive 10 week group guitar courses, with final concerts, give you all the info, skills you need, to be able to hear a song you like and play it in a group format, where you can perform the melody, the chords with good groove and share it with others at our concerts.

How will you learn in my beginners guitar courses?

You will learn to play full songs: chords and melodies but breaking up the learning process into manageable skills.

You will learn how to identify and memorise the music with my unique LISP technique.

You will learn how to play them in tempo with my unique rhythm training exercises.

You will learn to play it all on the guitar with pulse related performance skills.

All the previous always in a musical structure, a song. You will learn how to learn:

You will enjoy self evaluation, you will enjoy your commitment to daily practice as you will hear your progress and understand your goals through repetition and self evaluation.

You will learn how to coordinate to hear and play to a pulse.

This does not come naturally and you need structured guidance to effectively coordinate and avoid the aftermath of hanging your guitar back up on the wall.

What will you do differently after the 10 week courses?

After 10 weeks of learning you will play one song live in a group, melody, chords and solo and after 20 weeks of learning and around 50 hours of practice you will be able to hear a song you like, and on your own figure out the melody and chords and have fun and play it live with other guitarists.

Beginners guitar lessons

Call now to get a free assessment to discover your potential.

Once you have completed these two levels of my beginners guitar lessons you will be ready to start expanding effectively your skills in music in all areas you wish. Meanwhile, please do not waste your time just playing chords and following guidelines that teach how to play without hearing what you do. So does my method of learning work.

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