Meet Thomas Lorenzo

Thomas LorenzoThomas Lorenzo (born 11 January 1964 in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia) is a world music, EDUCATOR, guitarist and composer.


He is the son of Spanish immigrants that left behind fascism in the 1950s to start a new life in Australian democracy. He started playing the Spanish guitar at the age of 10 in a musical environment based on traditional Spanish music and the Australian 70s rock and pop scene.

Back to Spain

When Francisco Franco, the Spanish dictator, died and democracy was reconstituted in Spain, the family returned to Barcelona.
In Barcelona, Spain, he studied at the L´Aula de Musica del Conservatorio del Liceu.

First awards

In 1989 he was selected as finalist at the yearly held festival: Muestra Nacional de Jóvenes Intérpretes del Ministerio de la Juventud Ibiza, Spain. In 1992 he graduated from Berklee College of Music, Boston, U.S.A,  in Commercial Arranging under the supervision of Grammy award winner Robert Freedman.

Where he has taught

In the field of music education, he has taught at the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts, LIPA, U.K., “L´Aula de Musica Moderna y Jazz del Conservatorio de Liceo” and the “Universidad Internacional Menendez Pelayo”. He is also author of the music text book on arranging and orchestration commissioned by the S.G.A.E, El Arreglo un Puzzle de Expresión Musical 2005.

As a composer he has received the commission by the UK national arts lottery in 1997 to compose the suite called The Immigrant premiered at the Paul Mc Cartney Auditorium in Liverpool, UK.

He performs with Grammy award winner Alphonso Johnson, Walfredo Reyes (Santana), Dave Garfield (George Benson), Pepe Motos (Sarah Baras). Bruce Sugar (Ringo Star).

Solo CDs in Mediterranean World Latin Music.

2009, Spanish Breeze. Thomas Lorenzo: composer, Spanish and electric guitars. Alphonso Johnson (Weather Report): acoustic and electric bass. Walfredo Reyes (Santana): drums. Dave Garfield (George Benson): piano. This CD achieved the top-20 in USA World Jazz 2010 charts for about 16 weeks. It is currently aired on the US National Radio Network: Smooth Jazz Radio.

2005, Mi Alma: Thomas Lorenzo: composer, Spanish and electric guitars.Pepe Motos (Sara Bara, Paco de Lucia ): flamenco percussion. David Gomez: drums. Curro Galvez: bass.

2003, Espacio: Thomas Lorenzo: composer, Spanish and electric guitars. Pepe Motos (Sara Bara): flamenco percussion. Johnny Branquicio (Muddy Waters): electric guitar. Rafael Zweifel: cello. Carmen Garcia and Mireia Lara: vocals.

2000, Deseo: Thomas Lorenzo: composer, acoustic and electric guitars.=

The production and tour of the CD, Mi Alma, were funded by music development grants from the Catalan Government, Generalitat de Catalunya, Spain ( 2005).

All CDs have achieved both national and international press and radio renown. They have been featured in publications like Playboy Magazine, Guitar Player, All about Jazz, Jazz Times, Jazz Chicago and Guitarist. Read more on www.thomaslorenzo.com

Video Productions

Please view 17 videos of Thomas Lorenzo duo, trio, quartet and quintet at http://www.youtube.com/user/aussietom1964 showcasing original compositions and standards on electric and Spanish guitar.

Music production:

  • 1992: Hired by Sincrosonido, an audio, video, recording, production studio in Bogota, Colombia, as music producer and engineer.
  • Producer of: CD: Pil Pil by Francesc Capella, Nuba Records, Madrid, 1997.( Mediterranean Jazz)
  • CD: Grao Music, “Audiciones de música Etnica española” for 1st year primary school. 1995, ( Spanish ethnic music)
  • CD:Flamenco Street Projects, Streetlife Music, 1995 . ( Flamenco pop, rock , grunge)
  • CD:La Vida es Marte by Nurses, M Clan , DRO Warner Brothers, 1996.( Pop Rock)
  • CD:Europe Connection 1 with Brother Hood Foundation , CIRMA ,1995
  • CD:Europe Connection 2, CIRMA ,1996
  • CD:Europe Connection 3 with grammy award nominee Macaco, CIRMA ,1997
  • CD:Europe Connection 4 with Green Lizard, CIRMA ,1998
  • CD:La Musica i la Seva Evolucio, 1998, BMG ( Spanish classical, ethnic)

Music for Film and TV:

  • Orchestration of 10 mas 2, Lauren Films, 2001, Warner Brothers
  • Fusion Sonora, Telecinco ( National Tv ), Spain 2010, a daily show. Composer and arranger for Bob Sands (Lionel Hampton) Big Band
  • Astro TV. La Sexta ( National Tv), a daily show, Spain 2011

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