Guitar Resources

Guitar Resources


Guitar ResourcesIn this section you will find further articles on music education , school notices and other useful information.





Acoustic Guitar Lessons Gift Vouchers:

ONE LEVEL: 10 classes 10 hours $295 in group lessons OR
ONEĀ  LEVEL:10 classes 10 hours from $550in private lessons.

How to play guitar songs

I propose 5 easy steps to permanently learn how to play guitar songs and the melody of our favorite song.

Music Theory Guitar Modules 1 2 3 and 4

All guitar courses imparted through private or group lessons abide by the following guidelines that summarize four modules of learning

Youtube Guitar Lessons

Music Education Benefits

Music intelligence is one of the seven different intelligences that need to be developed and nurtured (Howard Gardner, Frames of Minds).

Student Password Protected Folders.

Online Guitar Resources





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