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Melbourne Creative Guitar School Event

Melbourne Creative Guitar School Event

On July 8, 2017  from 11 to 2 p.m, we will celebrate our Creative Guitar School Social Club Concert.

All students will perform in duos,  trios and quartets, a selection of repertoire from the our School Curriculum at our Melbourne Creative Guitar School Event.

I organise these concerts on a regular basis, to encourage student interaction.  All students, at my school,  learn to compose and arrange their own compositions.  I am very happy to gather a creative group of song writers that are very eager to share their music with other students.

This concert is a free event for all students and families. If you are not one of the previous and you would like to attend, please send me an email and I will send you a complimentary pass.

Melbourne Creative Guitar School Event

Upcoming Guitar Courses

Beginners levels 1 and 2, Artistic Guitar 3-6

We start all our new courses during the week of July 8.  I have scheduled these group classes in the evenings, between 5 and 9 p.m.

We are currently undergoing interviews with prospective students that wish to join our guitar adventure. Please send me an email  to learn more about induction times.

Our Creative Guitar Social Club is definitely in need of new members, that wish to add their creative output to all our performances.

Guitars for sale

I  have on sale my Flamenco Classical Guitar Eduardo Durán. I originally bought this guitar in Madrid and the sale price is that of $8,800 . This unique artist guitar is definitely a must for the serious guitar player that desires the authentic Flamenco sound in his repertoire.

Melbourne Flamenco Latin Guitar Concerts

These are my major upcoming Melbourne Flamenco Latin Guitar Concerts dates in Melbourne this year, 2017.

Armadale Uniting Church 86A Kooyong Road, Armadale, VIC, 3143 (03) 9509 8958

Tickets: $ 30 ( General)

Please join in a Celebration of Guitar music from the heart.


Creativity Guitar Well Being

 Creativity Guitar Well Being

Where we perform music in a manner that we flow, we tend to feel great about ourselves. At my Melbourne and Sydney Guitar school,  students learn to express their emotions through the guitar. We  strive for Creativity Guitar Well Being.

The guitar is the medium for our well being. In order to achieve a beneficial flow of expression we will need to play the guitarwith joy and overcome the natural frustration we all encounter, when we enter a new world of knowledge.

Students need to learn to be logical and emotional at the same time. You will only learn to play the guitar if you can feel, hear and reproduce the rhythmic and melodic values of the composition.


Please let me help you learn to play the guitar with joy, and contribute further well being to your marvellous life  in which you are immersed .

Creativity Guitar Well BeingMelbourne Flamenco Jazz New Release

I would love to share with you my latest world music release for Flamenco guitar. I composed this song while hiking in the Pyrenees ( Spain) this last Spanish summer. Once I arrive back in Australia, I then converted to original idea to a composition for two guitars. Please enjoy and download, so I may continue creating and sharing my view of life with you all.


Melbourne Concerts

On March 8, at 8pm, I will be performing at the Paris Cat Jazz Club in Melbourne with Ben Robertson on bass. This will be my major Melbourne concert in March as l I will be starting my yearly tour in Spain, this coming April.


El Arreglo Un Puzzle de Expression Musical.

El Arreglo, Un Puzzle de expresion Musical, is a text book on arranging and orchestration. It is written in the Spanish language and classified as: “libros de musica, arreglos y orquestación.” It has over 400 pages in which I narrate a theoretical and practical explanation on what melodic, harmonic and rhythmic tools composer  have to aid them in their creative goals.

Melbourne Sydney Group Guitar Lessons

Melbourne Sydney Group  Guitar  Lessons

Melbourne Sydney Group Guitar Lessons

I offer a warm welcome to all the new students that have taken up,  or are continuing their learning in music. Welcome to our Melbourne Sydney Group  Guitar  Lessons.

Guitar Courses have just started, but new guitar groups will be scheduled for the next period of lessons starting April 2017.

I encourage students to get together outside classroom hours and prepare repertoire for our live performances.  If you have not received the invitation by email, to sign up for these new groups, and wish to perform with fellow students,  please send me a quick email so I may hook you up with the appropriate musical partner.

Guitar course drop box

I require all students to have a drop box account.  We record all classes on video, so  students can revise the content at their own leisure. You may access the  videos through the specific drop box folder assigned to your group.

Creativity and well being

The objective of all courses is to allow students to develop their inner creativity and expression through the guitar. However, music is a discipline that requires daily work so that course goals may be accomplished. All students are required to practice at least 30 minutes a day.

Upcoming concerts

I would like to announce my upcoming Melbourne  concert  at the Paris Cat Jazz Club , March 8 at 8 pm.   I will have the pleasure of performing alongside Ben Robertson on bass. Please join us for an evening of creative expression , celebrating music from the heart.

Flamenco Jazz Guitar Releases

Take a peak at my latest releases, originals and arrangements,  for guitars . I will completing my 12 single release of this series this year.

Libros de Música. El Arreglo, un Puzzle expresión musical. 

My book on arranging and Orchestration specialises in getting big sounds out of small ensembles. It is in the Spanish language only ( at present). You may purchase online through Amazon .

Bass lines

Guitar level requirements

At the Melbourne Creative Guitar school, students specialize in contemporary styles of music, that allow their inner voice to flow freely. I believe that it feels good to be able to reinterpret a composition in a different manner, each time we perform it. The interpretation will be a consequence of what was heard before, and of how we choose to feel, when each new note is played.

Music should makes us feel alive and joyful. There fore, if we can create our own pathways of expression, then we will have greater enjoyment In our lives.

Developing Bass lines

One of my favourite bass players is Ron Carter. Bass players create melodic lines that define chords. The more lyrical the bass line is, the richer the overall arrangement of the composition will be. The better it will feel.

Guitarists also play bass lines and therefore we can harmonize them. I would recommend all students to transcribe a bass line of Ron Carter and to harmonize such.  I would suggest the first twelve bars of Billies Bounce, that he performs with George Benson on the album: Blue Benson.

Once you have transcribed,  harmonise the strong beats  with standard blues chords and inversions. Harmonize all passing tones, or those you would like to create the feel of passing, with secondary dominants or substitute chords. Once you have all this down and are able to play it, you will never want to play a blues again in any other manner.

Bass lines on Guitar

More news

I would like to invite you all to my Melbourne flamenco and jazz Concerts. My next concert will be this coming Friday, August 26 at 7pm. It will be held at the Armadale Uniting Church, in Melbourne. For more info and Melbourne concert ticket sales, please follow this link.


I am also happy to announce the new release of my first 2016 single. Please follow this link to take a peak at: Tico Tico no Fubà. My new flamenco rumba jazz release.

I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter for updates on guitar courses, masterclasses, cd releases and upcoming tours.

Please subscribe to my tube tube channel  for regular updates on guitar videos.

Upcoming Melbourne Flamenco Jazz Guitar Concert August 2016

 Upcoming Melbourne Flamenco Jazz Guitar Concert August 2016

I am pleased to present my new promotional video for my upcoming Melbourne Flamenco Jazz Guitar concert to be held at the Armadale Uniting Church on August 26 at 7pm.


Please join us and share this exciting evening with us.

Melbourne Concert, Thomas Lorenzo, Online ticket sales.


New CD

We are currently finishing my new CD which will be released as 10 singles this coming year. I never ever get tired of composing and bringing to life jazz, flamenco and world music in a manner that music lovers can access at any time, any where in the world.

I believe nothing will ever beat the magic of a live concert, but a recording is the next best thing, as a consequence prefer to deliver recordings of my Jazz and Flamenco guitar music, that portray what the listener would experience live.

The guitar is an instrument that can produce notes with strong percussive attacks. This occurs when the guitar is played softly but with a precise attack. The listener will not hear in my recordings drums or bass. The Spanish guitar is an extremely versatile instrument that when mastered can deliver from great beauty to an avalanche of sound and percussion.

Flamenco Jazz Guitar Concert August 2016

How I record my guitar

I have had a few emails lately asking how I record my guitar.

My microphone of preference is the SCHOEPS  condenser microphone CMC 5_u with MK4 cardiod pattern capsule. I record, into the digital domain, with the Ensemble Apogee interface, at 48 kHz and with a resolution of 24 bits.

My guitar of choice, that allows for sweetness and great attack, is the Hermanos Conde, model 2006. I choose this model amongst all others that where available in the Hermanos Conde shop in Madrid, at that time. It took me  two full days trying out all similar models. I  finally took this one home with me.

For updates on Melbourne Guitar courses,Masterclasses and lessons please visit this link.

For updates on Libros de música, arreglos y orquestación please visit this link.

Please visit our site dedicated to Melbourne Acoustic Wedding music

Jazz Flamenco Blues and more

Creativity: Jazz, Flamenco, Blues and more

I adore Bach´s music. The way his melodies tangle and untangle as the compositions develops. It creates constant excitement and flow of emotions. Contemporary music with improvised touches allows for melodic and harmonic textures. This is a consequence of such improvised interaction amongst musicians.

Jazz feeds on this need of improvised interaction, to create a genre of music in touch with our constant change of inner emotions. My music tends to share space and time with others. I wish all musicians who I play with, to explore their personal space and add their self-expression of well-being, to the love music been created.

I welcome all of you to join us at our upcoming Melbourne world music concerts.


Melbourne Flamenco jazz concert

Book Full Melbourne Concerts Thomas Lorenzo  2016


Creative Guitar School news

I will be touring Spain in September, and the  Melbourne creative guitar school will remain closed for a few weeks. News courses will open on the 15th of October, finishing just before Christmas. I invite all of you to explore all the new guitar music levels. Students will explore and enjoy all styles of music as in Jazz, Flamenco, Blues and latin music

I also invite all you of to explore your own personal creativity through music where you will achieve your much deserved self praise and satisfaction. Music is an ever lasting healing tool for our soul. I welcome you to explore it. I must insist that music learning requires discipline. All my courses involve hard work that is based upon repetition that will help you develop short and long-term memory goals.

Melbourne Acoustic Duo

Songful, my Melbourne acoustic duo, is on the go again . We are soon to be recording our new album. This adventure will remind us all of the beauty of the human voices accompanied by the staggering rhythm of the guitar. We will be recording jazz, pop and soul classics and in the process  we will be exploring the musical outcome of fresh rhythmic and harmonic textures. We wish to make all of you feel revived and alive, as you hum along to the songs we all know.

New Flamenco World Music Cd

During the present year,  I am also developing my creative artistic side with a series of 12 new compositions developing flamenco and jazz. These tunes are a consequence of my last two years of live performances, at the Armadale Uniting Church. These compositions have come alive at each concert. They were delivered to the audience, and the after experience and feedback, has further helped me  fine tune them.  They all now flow with constant beauty. Please stay tuned to the new releases to be found for download on I Tunes and Cd baby.

I welcomes you all to subscribe to my newsletter that will keep you updated on new concerts, releases tours and music courses. I welcome you to share my journey of life. A simple journey of joy and love .



New guitar group courses and concerts

Creative Guitar School News

Please note that new guitar group courses will be starting the week of April 17th. There is one slot left for level 1, Mondays at 7pm, and two slots left for level 3 on Wednesdays at 8pm.

Lately I am receiving emails asking me about what a student learns in beginners level in guitar group courses. The information can be found here on this Melbourne Creative Guitar School Link.

My main goal, in all classes and courses, is to make sure students have fun with new knowledge. This process will allow them to play the songs they like, how they like and get them playing music for the rest of their lives.

At the Creative Guitar School there are 6 levels of learning. These are the specifics of the learning at  Level 1:

The student upon completion of Level 1 will be able to:

  • Strum in subdivision following a tempo and create intensity throughout the accompaniment.
  • Play a full diatonic melody in one scale at a solid tempo – (Verse Chorus)
  • Play along with a recording
  • Analise the structure of choice of a song identifying; verse, chorus, introduction and endings
  • Read with numbers a melody
  • Read notes in the first position
  • Play scales with articulation: soft, loud and accents
  • Play triads in open position creating bass lines and generating symmetries
  • Plays scales in various keys. They will also understand and produce the chords generated
  • Tune without a metronome
  • Transcribe a simple melody
  • Write an 8 bar melody with numbers and harmonise it

All levels are available for students that study privately or in guitar group courses.

Melbourne Concerts

Just a quick reminder to let all my guitar students know they receive a 10% discount on tickets for my upcoming shows at the:

Concert Location

Armadale Uniting Church
86A Kooyong Road, Armadale VIC 3143
(03) 9509 8958

 Book Full Melbourne Guitar Concerts Thomas Lorenzo  2016

At these Melbourne concerts I will be performing with my nylon string, Spanish guitar, compositions from my new album that will be released this year. My objective as a composer is to express emotions that make me feel good. The style chosen is just the carrier of the emotion.  I consider my self to be a  jazz musician as I define jazz as creative self expression on any given composition. The style of jazz  I choose will depend on the composition and personal mood. Please join us for a refreshing evening.

guitar group courses

You tube subscription Thomas Lorenzo, Composer Guitarist

Libros de musica: El arreglo un puzzle de expresion musical

Thomas Lorenzo CD sales and downloads

Melbourne Acoustic Duo: Songful Jazz Pop

Upcoming Jazz Blues Flamenco Masterclass

Upcoming Jazz Blues Flamenco Masterclass



Dates: November 2105.

Read more.

Where & When?

6 masterclasses to be held at the newly renovated Kathleen Syme Library in Carlton (Multi-purpose Room 2) 251 Faraday St, Carlton VIC. FREE street parking is available in the area after 6:30 pm and the nearest paid parking is at 217 Elgin St Carlton (for $8). If you are traveling by public transport, catch the University tram and get off at Melbourne Uni.


Online Bookings

Private lessons, group  lessons, and all courses develop on topics lectured at these masterclasses.

The masterclasses are not intended to teach you how to play the guitar, but to create a thorough exposition of what you have to learn, why and how, in order to achieve the desired sound, level of expression or uniqueness.

Guitar learning is a discipline associated with drills and repetition. There is no other way of learning such and this requires time, patience and love. The masterclasses are geared towards guitar students will  strong self learning skills. The Creative guitar school is where all music comes to life through social interaction. Private lessons or group lessons target developing that knowledge, that is explained at the masterclasses, into your individual musical expression.

Learn more about the Jazz Blues Flamenco masterclasses





Upcoming Melbourne Concerts Thomas Lorenzo

Hello everyone
Just a quick update to  remind all my students and friends of my upcoming Melbourne Concerts. Also stay tuned for our yearly barbecue and student concert series.

Upcoming Melbourne Concerts20125 series  Making Emotions Shine

Music is the language I use  to express my emotions to achieve well being.

Music is generally categorized by style . How about if we categorize it by the emotion it produces? With this concerts series I wish to share my creative concept with my Melbourne  followers . Students will also be joining me live.


In this series of 6 concerts I will be joined by talented Melbourne musicians as Ben Roberston, Darryn Farrugia and Tamara Murphy .My goal is to expand the boundaries of flamenco expression through Jazz improvisation, contemporary dancing and collaboration with Indian music.Tickets may be reserved through my Melbourne Concerts website. On this website you may also see updates on all Melbourne upcoming concerts.

I feel very excited about showcasing traditional and contemporary flamenco. This art form has a vast array of styles. I will perform traditional solea, buleria, sevillanas and alegrias.

Contemporary flamenco incorporates extended harmony and resulting melodic enrichment.  As an example: In a traditional sense we could have a composition in a phrygian mode, with a major tonic, while in a contemporary setting the mode can enrichen the experience by alternating with mixolydian, lydian b7 and other melodic minor modes. The resulting harmonic contrast glued together by the strong constant rhythmic patterns creates an unforgettable audible experience.

I do wish to see you all here at all my upcoming Melbourne concerts

upcoming melbourne concerts

Thomas Lorenzo

Melbourne Concerts Guitar | Jazz | Flamenco

 Melbourne Concerts Guitar: May 2015

Melbourne Concerts Guitar: Upcoming concerts by Thomas Lorenzo Guitar and Composer

It is a pleasure to announce my main local concerts to be held in Melbourne in May.

The guitar is an instrument that may be used in a broad range of musical styles. I love both my acoustic or nylon string Spanish Guitar and my electric. The electric guitar allows me to play in a more lyrical manner than the nylon string guitar and to project efficiently in an ensemble with instrumentation that produces long sustained notes as drums or piano.

Recently I have been exploring European musical traditions that were brought here to Australia through recent immigration as: Celtic, Irish, Scottish, Danish, Italian., Greek French and Spanish music.

Accompanied by Stephen Gilbert on violin we are offering day time concerts at the Phoenix Community Centre in East Malvern which I must say are going very well as we are drawing in nice crowds hungry for quality folk music. For further information please visit our Melbourne Concert website.

The concert:

An Afternoon Tour of European Musical Delights.?Concerto:  Violin Steve Gilbert  and Spanish Guitar Thomas Lorenzo

melbourne concerts guitar irish music

When:  May 12th, 2015, 2.30 pm

Where: Phoenix Community Center East Malvern , 22 Rob Roy Road

Price : $15. Buy Tickets online

Call 0448348701 to reserve

I also love my jazz and my Mediterranean background. For this purpose playing electric guitar please feel to come along to my Parss Cat Concert on May 14th featuring two major local musicians. Darryn Farrugia on Drums and Tamara Murphy on bass. As a special guest we will have on vocals Christina del Mundo with which I generally play unique creative pop and jazz in an acoustic duo situation that is called Songful.

Thomas Lorenzo Trio

Melbourne Concerts guitar Thomas Lorenzo

When: May 14th, 2015,  at 8.30 pm

Where: Paris Cat ,  6 Goldie Place, Melbourne VIC 3000

Tickets: $20

Enjoy an evening of intimate Conversations in Jazz.

Spanish Guitar Music-Vocal Quartet

The Creative Guitar School. Melbourne Guitar lessons and courses.
Shine, Be Unique.  Don´t Imitate

Bailas. New Album. Spanish Guitar Music Vocal Quartet. Melbourne


Bailas is one my latest compositions that I have released on Itunes as Thomas Lorenzo. Please accept my invitation and preview the track embedded above.

I have chosen in this case as instrumentation for my arrangement a vocal quartet that I generally perform with and the Spanish Guitar,  also known as the nylon string guitar.

The character of this Spanish guitar music composition is minimalistic in nature. All melodic lines you hear are of great predominance. This is achieved by doubling all such melodic lines and also by avoiding simultaneous prominent sustained harmony in both back ground or foreground melodies.

You will notice that the guitar is not playing chords in a traditional manner. I do not just strum chords. Quite the contrary. I love to feel then tension the chords can create by defining them through melodies.

The Spanish Guitar,  in this case a flamenco hand crafted Hermanos Conde,  has great carrying power in all ranges. Overtones and harmonics allow for single note accompaniment to be heard with clarity within a vocal quartet.

Spanish Guitar Music

In this composition of Spanish Guitar music The vocal harmony is diatonic and triad in nature. My arrangement has given more consideration to vertical resolution of melodies than horizontal definition of chordal structures. The maximum tension towards the end of the composition is created by exploring extreme registers while the vocal quartet underlines the basic major or minor sound in thirds.

I adore vocal harmonies and enjoy performing in this format that allows contrast to the non sustained character of the guitar. The guitar is more of a percussive instrument producing shorter sounds in comparison to those a lyrical instrument as a violin or voice can produce.  The sustained vocal lines allow me to create a harmonic pad that the guitar cannot create on it´s own.

At my Guitar school here in Melbourne we  explore Spanish Guitar music and also the electric and or acoustic guitar in all styles and settings reflection of our contemporary music scene.

The guitar is a very versatile instrument allowing us to develop our inner creativity  composing sounds, harmonies and melodies that reflect our personal vision of well being.

Join us at the Creative Guitar School here in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs. Shine and be unique in your playing .


Guitar Concerts Melbourne. Students Live at Franskton Performance Centre

Guitar Concerts Melbourne

Thomas Lorenzo. Composer, Producer, Guitarist

Please view the short video of my latest guitar concert around Melbourne. Live at the Frankston Performance Centre this year:



Performers include students from my Creative Guitar School in Melbourne.

My music school caters for guitar lessons for beginners to advanced guitar students. We are located in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs. In the video you will hear my performance with my nylon string guitar, a Flamenco Guitar crafted by Hermanos Conde. This flamenco guitar is hand made. I personally selected the guitar at his workshop in Madrid, Spain. I remember spending more than two days in the shop trying out all the guitars he had available. They all had their special nuances. I finally selected the one you hear in the video because of its amazing capability to project the sound towards an audience. The resulting spectrum occurs from vibrations throughout the guitar and not only from the sound hole area. This results in clarity of sound in the amplification process where the guitar may be easily heard without the need of equalization. The Spanish Guitar is a versatile instrument on which you can play almost all styles of music. I personally enjoy acoustic music in small formats where the resulting sound is more a consequence of natural relative volume than amplification.


Creative Guitar School

At the Creative Guitar School students learn how to play the guitar.  However, in order to express emotions and feel good about what we accomplish, all guitar students will learn to understand music as a language and how this language is conveyed through the guitar. The resulting sound and experience may be that of well-being. I urge you to be patient in your learning. Frustration can quickly sink in and abort much desired goals to feel more joy in our lives. Please feel welcome to visit my website or call me. I would love to hear from you and learn about your goals as a musician and as a guitarist here in Melbourne, no matter what style of music you wish to pursue.

I encourage my students to perform live at my Guitar Concerts in Melboourne.

More concerts

Paris Cat Melbourne

This year 2015 I have been performing regularly at the Paris Cat Jazz Club in Melbourne

Located on:

6 Goldie Place, Melbourne VIC 3000

(03) 9642 4711

Melbourne Concert thomas lorenzo

During my years as a guitarist I have encountered the need to broaden my array of expression. The electric guitar allows a more lyrical approach to phrasing than the nylon string guitar. The electric guitar produces a timbre with a a longer sustain than that of the nylon string.

When the Spanish guitar is played alongside drums bass or piano it is easily buried in the background of the music. This can at a first glance be solved by amplifying the guitar but this never tends to work well.

The nylon string guitars plays short notes that need to be accompanied by staccato sounds like wood percussion or string plucked instruments. Drums will bury the guitar as cymbals, snares and kick drums can produce longer tones than those of the guitar.

At the Paris Cat I perform with electric guitar. I am accompanied on drums by Darryn Farrugia and on Upright bass by Tamara Murphy. The result is that of musical magic. We have played on May 14 th July 9th and are scheduled for our next performance on September 3rd.

I strongly recommend our live concerts where the guitar is the solo instrument and where I devote the concert to playing jazz, funk, blues , pop and latin music with a, electric lyrical approach.